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Using the Pendulum for Real Shit

Updated: Apr 2

I’ve written on how to use a pendulum in the past: Pendulum: Yes or No. That article describes the mechanics of using the pendulum along with choosing a pendulum. Lately, I’ve been using the pendulum to help me navigate big projects.

I decided to incorporate my spiritual tools on my latest adventure of renovating a house in a holistic way. I mean, why not? Learning to use my spiritual tools for practical matters is what the tools are for, so no time like the present! Anytime we undertake a project that requires putting together a team, we want the best fit that we can assemble. We want our ideas to be honored and we want to feel like we are contributing to the larger agenda. In the past, I would have been grateful to anyone that returned my phone calls and agreed to do my job. Nowadays, I am letting the universe participate in my endeavors and bring to me the people best suited for the job by asking my pendulum to weigh in on the process.

In order to find people that I could jive with, I made a list of qualities I wanted my renovation team to internalize such as honesty, flexibility, patience, skill, and personality. The list then got a little more specific including good listening skills, problem solving abilities and the diplomacy needed to work well with a strong woman (meaning me). Finally, I fine-tuned the list by adding that they needed to be able to stay within my budget and complete the project on my timeline, summer 2023.

I got to work assembling a list of names based on a google search and recommendations. I used my pendulum to help me narrow down that list. I did not receive positive endorsements (a clockwise swing on my weighted little beauty) on all of the qualities for all of the candidates; however, I scheduled meetings to test my pendulum’s findings against my intuition anyway. During our meetings I listened for evidence of their expertise, how they handled my ideas, and if they could complete the project by my deadline. Here were some of the results… The first guy was cagey about numbers. He could make it all work he said (yes to staying in my budget) with no real figures offered. He mentioned that he would need half up front, half when things were delivered and then half at the end. Check the math on that… (that was my no to honesty!) Another guy showed up with mud on his boots. He tracked that mud all over the carpet and wood floors. I needed him to know that he would need to more cognizant of that in the future and felt he didn’t appreciate being called out by me, even though I attempted to do it in a lighthearted way. My thoughts were that if he didn’t respect my space, would he respect my decisions? He never got back to me. (No to working with strong women!) There was a contender that was new to the industry. He seemed like a good fit, but my pendulum would not agree to my using him no matter how many times I asked. He later had a car accident. I am not saying that he could not take the job, but there was more going on in his world that was taking his focus. Next came a promising gentleman who received a yes to almost everything on my list, but a no when I asked if we would work together. I left him several messages to arrange a meeting, and finally received a call back with his saying that his schedule was overbooked, and he would not be able to get to me anytime soon. How did it know?

I like using my spiritual tools to get a leg up on the process, because the truth is, I am not going to be purely practical in any of my pursuits. I like consulting with my intuition to guide me to the people that will respect my need to be involved and understand how my money is being allocated. I appreciate that I am a sensitive person and rely on those insights to find interesting people to help me achieve my goals. After all, they will be spending the greater part of the next few months putting their energy into my project. I want the energetic imprint they leave behind to enhance the overall vibration of the space.

When partnering with anyone in your work or home life, consider using energy tools such as the pendulum, the tarot or other energy tools in your toolbox to help you discern what you are sensing. Your spirit has access to more expansive knowledge and knows a certain person might have a heroin addiction (true story) that they aren’t sharing during your meet and greet. It can save you future headaches and make your project a journey of creativity and ease.

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