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Unconditional Love

Updated: Apr 2

As we roll into eclipse season we will be boxing with our shadow self over some of the issues we initiated last October.  It is important that we ground our energy in preparation for this round as we are going deeper this time in hopes of facing our archenemy a.k.a. our inner critic and coming out victorious. The wounds this battle will inflict cut deep and the only salve that draws out the infection is unconditional love. 

Every action we take has a purpose. Even in taking no action, we do so with an intention to avoid or neglect something that requires more from us. These actions or nonactions are based on core beliefs built from life experiences that include our early years. Many people spend decades in therapy trying to trace their responses to triggers created from their childhood. It is time now to consider that the beliefs that kept us safe as the younger, weaker, kid in the neighborhood are no longer necessary as our body is now adult sized and our naivety got lost as we made our way around the block a time or two. As we choose to see ourselves as the powerful creators of our experience, we let go of any powerlessness that plagues us from our past. 

Many of us have decided that the best way to protect ourselves from hurt is to don our armor and wait for the person that will love us “unconditionally”.  This one person is supposed to wait for us to dismantle our emotional sheathing one layer at a time. By expecting someone else to deem we are worthy we pull up our own drawbridge keeping us trapped in a viscous cycle of needing external validation in order to feel loved. We hold ourselves apart from unconditional love in our small quiet moments, each time we look in the mirror and zero in on that part of body that is the bane of our existence.  Or when we use humor to deflect a compliment or even when we receive unsettling news, and head directly to the refrigerator, the liquor cabinet, or the computer to numb our pain. Shame, guilt, and disgust loom like dark clouds shrouding us in fear extinguishing all light and any love we hold for ourselves. 

Energetic laws tell us we cannot shift what we will not claim. So how do we go about exploring our wounds and rediscovering our worth in order to love ourselves again? We transform our limiting beliefs to new ones that offer grace and consideration for who we are in the present and we choose to honor that person at all times:  which includes when no one else is watching. By taking a looksee at the conditions in which we refuse to love ourselves we can gain access into the inner workings of our mind.

Ideas to ponder:

I am unlovable when:

I look like…

I act like…

I want….

I need…

I say…

I do….

Once we see the ways that we withhold affection from ourselves, we have a direct correlation to the ways in which we find fault with others. They will be a match! We are constantly sending signals or frequencies out to others magnetizing them into our life to play out our limitations. We set this up as souls so we can transform those beliefs and find greater love and appreciation for ourselves.   It comes wrapped up in the personality of “others”, but if we are totally honest, it is a script we memorized long before we set one foot on our current stage of life. 

Now that we know where our lines are, we can erase them or etch them in stone.  We can give rise to our seedlings and bloom right where we are by feeding on self-love and care. When we make mistakes, have mean thoughts, do the unthinkable and still grant ourselves grace, we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are truly capable of offering that energy to another person. The universe will most definitely test this newfound skill. It is always helping us to clarify our vibration by offering us moments to choose which energies are the ones we want to claim.  That choice is shifting moment by moment. We get new opportunities each time we accept our limitations without being defined by them. It is the process that facilitates the growth. Wherever we arrive from that journey is only a point of reference for the next, so we must let go of the expectations that an ending can be had. 

Unconditional love might be elusive, but it is not imaginary. It is the highest vibrational force on the planet. It can only be experienced by receiving it from us first and foremost thereby giving us the capacity to offer it to another. Like a mother showering her newborn baby with heartfelt love and appreciation, we are learning that we are most capable of generating that love and adoration for ourselves.

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