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Finding Your North Node

Updated: Apr 2

The north node in your astrological chart points to what your soul wants to experience in this lifetime. I consider this information to be invaluable! We tend to repeat our patterns, not realizing that we are relying on our old responses instead of making the effort to learn new ways to approach our lives. All of us come into the world with skills we have perfected in other lifetimes. The north node points to which of those skills will continue to serve us, how to utilize them and which ones are preventing us from meeting our spiritual goals.

My north node happens to be in Pisces. Pisceans are comfortable swimming in the waters of emotions and are not afraid to dive deep into their intuition. My soul has spent previous lifetimes perfecting skills to make me the best in my field. I carried the responsibility of knowing that my performance would cost others their lives if I made mistakes such as when I served as a military advisor or surgeon. In this lifetime, I can feel my body tighten and move into anxiety when I feel things are out of my control. My previous lifetimes trigger that instinct to control my environment in order to prevent mistakes. However, this lifetime for me is about learning to trust the universe. That looks like taking risks and not having a plan which can make me feel powerless.

I have spent years leaning how to trust my guidance. At times there have been tremendous conflicts within me when what I needed most was freedom, yet my conscious response was restraint. Learning all about my north node has eased this dichotomy within me. I now understand that when I feel the need to control, I must surrender. I often get psychic hits when I’m with others and my need to make their life better (a judgement) pushes me to share my insights. However, when I come from that energy, they do not hear me or are triggered by my unsolicited advice. When I detach from my judgements and trust they will ask me when they are ready to receive that information, I can channel a unique perspective. Let me just say that those moments offer incredible breakthroughs!

Everyone’s north node is different as it is determined by your birthday. But the message for all of us is the same: whatever you did in your previous lifetimes to be a success, will NOT work in this lifetime. There is no growth in repeating an energy you have already mastered. Your soul wants to grow as that is how it gains wisdom and expands. Jan Spiller’s work on north nodes is an incredible resource if I have piqued your curiosity. It is not the easiest of roots to take as it requires careful examination of your motives and moving in ways that deviate from your comfort zone. But folks, it’s worth it! You will notice that when you partner with your soul you feel a sense of relief. Somehow you will feel that everything will be okay, no matter the shitstorm you are currently navigating. She knows where she has been, and she knows where she must go. It may not seem like it, but she knows there are bends in the road and she is ready to show you where they lead. Trust that there is a plan, even if it’s not yours, to a good life. If you get stuck and need a hand, know that I’m more than willing to share my thoughts. I got you.

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