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Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive

Did you know that your physical address can influence the experiences you have in life? Every address carries a vibration of energy that is flowing and was set into stone the day the home was completed and given an address to identify it to those near and far. It doesn’t really matter if you’re aware and honoring it, or simply ignoring it, its destiny will have an impact on the type of life you will have while living at that location. In my consultations, I share this information with my clients so we can use the existing energy to connect with their home and find ways to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative creating a home that will nurture them and those that step across its threshold. To illustrate this last remark…. You can discover the numerology of your home by reducing your address to a single digit. For example if your address is 123 North Main St, you add up the numeric portion and reduce it to a single digit. 1+2+3=6. This particular address would have a six vibration. 518 North Main St. would be 5+1+8. 5+1=6. 6+8=14. 1+4=5. Do you follow? Once you have the single digit you can Google the number to read about the energy associated with that number. Let’s go back to the 123 example and explore the 6 vibration and how to utilize this information to your advantage. Latch on to the affirmative… According to Google the number 6 is all about nurturing, creativity, and love. It’s a terrific vibe for those wanting to start a family or nurture others in their lives. This could be done not only through parenting, but any vocation that would utilize that skill set like counseling or teaching for example. Knowing this could explain why your children’s friends are constantly drawn to spend time chez toi. Your house is the neighborhood hangout! This works well if you have the time and energy to support others and meet their needs. It gets a little tricky when you seek freedom and alone time. Bring gloom down to the minimum… To downplay this energy you would need to hold awareness around your energy levels and have the ability to set clear boundaries. You cannot stop the natural flow of this vibration, but you can understand the dynamic at play and nurture yourself as a means of accommodating that particular energy. My personal belief is that when you are drawn to a particular abode, there is a deeper need for the soul to experience that energy. I like to encourage my clients to take the time to feel around in their emotional bodies and see if that energy might be providing some healing needed to bring balance into their lives. In my 6 example, a person might not want to have a family, but very much longs to feel connected to others. This home would create the energetic space to allow that to happen. Anything seeking manifestation will always be created in thought first. What to do when everything looks so dark… You might be a tad confused as to how to handle an address with a letter or what to do if your address adds up to what is called a master number. It’s still fairly straight forward. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds with a numeric value that will be added into the addition problem. 123 B for example is 6 + B. B (according to Google is 2). Now this address is quite different! 6+2=8. 8 is the number of abundance! This house is going to increase your wealth or be a money pit. This is VERY different than a six vibration! Master numbers can also be quite extraordinary. They are 11, 22, and 33. These double digits are given extra emphasis and those living in these locations are meant to have a larger and more influential presence in life. “Your Tango” describes 11 as the visionary, 22 as the architect and 33 as the energy capable of bringing the vision to the world. Reducing 11 to the number 2 (1+1) is operating on the lower end of the vibration. Yes it’s important to partner with another in order to create in life, but it’s also of great value to hold a vision that another may not be able to see in order to move people forward which is the higher vibration of the 11.

Don’t mess with Mister In-Between Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer wrote this great song in 1944 that crooner Bing Crosby brought to the big screen in “Here Comes the Waves." This song offers really good advice about making the best of your life by keeping your focus on the positive aspects of life. Merely investigating this idea alone will shift your relationship with your home. Rather than insisting that your personality be the determining factor as to what happens in the space, you now are making a little room for your home to offer you more than a safe haven. You are working with its personality and allowing what energy it offers to support you as you “spread joy up to maximum” …take it away Bing!

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