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A Feng Shui Consultation Part 2

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

When I work with people, I like to warn them that the work we are doing in their home leads to internal changes. How we arrange our space is always a reflection of the way we think and feel about ourselves. Feng Shui is a path to healing. The patterns I uncover are meant to allow my clients to see how they are holding beliefs in place that no longer serve their spirit.

Sometimes the changes are drastic, as in people suddenly realizing they can no longer stay in their current job. Sometimes, the changes are profound realizations that can heal their wounded places. I work from an intuitive place, and I use the guidance I receive to support meaningful changes in the lives of those I cross paths with.

Here are my findings in Grant’s home

The address for Grant’s house in numerology equals an eight vibration. That tells me right off the bat that this house is meant to hold abundance. The previous owners were not able to tap into that vibration, so it has some history of holding lower vibrational patterns. Donning my metaphorical deerstalker hat and magnifying glass, I begin to suss out how the layout of the floorplan and his choice of design are reinforcing the lower vibrational patterns. 1. There is an energy leak between front and back door.

2. The floorplan of the home has several areas of the bagua (the eight trigrams of the I Ching, the Chinese book of changes) that fall outside of the home’s energy. These will need to be addressed. 3. Grant isn’t using rooms in key spaces on the bagua. This means that the rooms he is using are having to carry the vibrational load of the less frequented spaces. This places an energetic burden on the house, lowering the overall vibration.

4. Grant does not consider his physical comfort in his style of design. A. His barstools do not have a back, even though he has had back issues. B. The mudroom floor is an uncomfortable stone. He chooses not to use the room as an active space for coming and going because of his discomfort when walking on the floor. C. He comes in and out of the front door but doesn’t organize the adjacent coat closet to accommodate his shoes. They are stored in the mudroom…so he is constantly reminded how much he hates that floor!

By not taking his comfort into account, he cannot be supported by his home’s energy. Homes are supposed to provide a safe haven to heal and rejuvenate the spirit; his spirit has no refuge. This could explain why he doesn’t root in his community and build lasting relationships. His energy isn’t here.

5. How do I get him to understand that nurturing his physical body in the space must take precedence?

As he prioritizes his well-being, he holds the energy to nurture and care for others. This will create the energetic pathway to connect more deeply with others. It will also allow him to tap into his creativity. This energy is in the sacral chakra and feeds off the root chakra energy center. Without roots, creativity is starved. The sacral chakra’s complimentary chakra is the throat chakra and parallel chakra is the 6th chakra known as the 3rd eye (what we envision). They work on a pulley system.

So, if he can flow more energy through his body in this area, he can use his intuitive gifts to create the works of art that truly reflect his vision, without it physically exhausting him. Translation? He gets the physical stamina needed to complete large canvas work that he feels compelled to create.

Grant’s thoughts:

I remembered her remarking about my desk being too small, the mirrors too short and my furniture not truly “fitting” me. I think about my father, who loved desk work and organizing his affairs. I had visions of him sitting at his cheap and undersized desk and chair, moving paper into his paper folios and folders. I remember thinking then how silly it appeared, almost degrading in a way. He loved to do that work. He spent hours every day at that desk doing all sorts of tasks that did not necessarily have to be done. He enjoyed that time of his day. After seeing Sabrina’s vision of myself, I could only wish that my father had spent that time at a desk worthy of his stature in a space that he designed to reflect how he saw himself.

To me this validates what she says and gives her the credibility for me to make the changes she sees as necessary. Would this have bridged the gap between me and my father? I will never know the answer, but I do think that his expressing his truest self all the time would have allowed us the space to appreciate one another more. Is this just interior design? I tend to think that this could change how I interact with my space and open me to the expansion and self -improvement that I am seeking.

Wrap up:

Grant shares with me his insights about his father and the realizations he’s had about their relationship. Through this process Grant has decided to honor himself in ways he wished his father would have honored himself. He understands that his father prioritized saving money over spending on purchases that would enhance his personal comfort.

In my write-up I list utilizing the transcendental cures of hanging and burying crystals to hold energy in his home. These were strange asks to him, but by now, I’ve earned his trust. I speak openly and honestly about what I sense and how to change the flow of energy. I no longer take offense to the weird looks and the rolling of eyes when I make suggestions. The proof is in the pudding, and I know my Jell-O.

We make plans to create a homeplace for a man whose former life was about travel. We rearrange some furniture and redesign certain rooms to reflect Grant’s current needs and interest. Contractors are hired, furniture is purchased, new mirrors are hung at appropriate heights. The office is transformed into a snug (British for cozy room). Here he indulges his musical endeavors and enjoys directing guests to this space to watch tv when he needs solitude.

I’ll leave you with Grant’s thoughts…

After the six-week process to revitalize what I thought to be a perfectly vibrant environment I have found my life to be energized in the direction I wanted it to go. Guests are less restless. My comfort level is increasing. I am utilizing all the space in my home. It is early yet, but I see the value in utilizing space holistically with an awareness of the energy levels that exist within each and every space. The design concepts used are a way of unifying our individual desires with the environment in which we choose to place ourselves.

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