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Transcendent Wisdom: Hang Loose

Updated: Apr 2

When I was a little girl my sisters and I would sometimes descend upon my mother needing her to solve all of our problems at once. She would say “hang loose” to buy her a minute to prioritize what needed her attention the most and how she would handle that particular issue.

Her approach to us was always to use her wisdom and instincts to handle what she had the time and energy to handle and go from there. She understood that how she participated in the solution would serve to create independence or dependency, her goal always being to help her little girls grow into strong women. She taught us to look at any situation from all viewpoints, teaching us that other people had a side. This practice of detaching from a problem to consider the other fella helped me to learn early on to give myself a beat to see what I had available to help me change my circumstance.

Sometimes things happen so quickly that I forget that sage advice, and my spirit calls in dis-ease to give me a little space. Often during times of transition my personality tries to take charge and chart the course for my next adventure. She is bold and stubborn and believes that knowing the best way to move ensures the greatest success. At times, she forgets to make room for the imagination. Certainty feels safer than ambivalence so she hedges her bets and pushes her will onto our experience without stopping to feel the energy and move with its current. Price? A sinus infection that has knocked me on my ass for damn near two weeks. How is it serving us? I am unable to think clearly, hear clearly and the pressure behind my eyes makes even seeing things a bit painful. I want nothing more than to lay my head down and let it all go. Mission accomplished, says the soul. Surrender is a good place to start. When fear overwhelms you, we must stop that forward motion so you can get your bearings. This time will offer you that respite.

The place I long for is the void. The place I’ve resisted is the void. There are no immediate answers in the void. One can feel inadequate and lost in this vast empty place of possibility, especially if one has an idea of where they think they are supposed to be going or how life is supposed to shake out. So, what is the upside? The understanding that new ideas can only enter our awareness when there is a space for them in our lives. The void offers that wisdom. This morning in meditation I was given the imagery of digging my way up through the earth like a mole. I was working hard and exhausting myself with dirt filling in the openings as I fervently clawed my way to the surface. Feeling frustrated and defeated, I was then shown my spirit rising effortlessly above the ground like smoke, covering tremendous territory as it skimmed the surface searching for new and interesting places to discover. It would occasionally dip down into a situation to feel if it wanted to explore that idea and then it would flow up and out to another more tantalizing option. I asked for the meaning of the two contrasting states and received that I would spend tremendous energy to the point of exhaustion and illness if I continued to push against the currents of my life. My greatest path to success would be through transcendent wisdom: detaching from my known ideas and spending some time in the void so I could open my mind and heart to new options and ideas. But more than that, it was about my willingness to sacrifice the status quo in order to receive the new energy that would take me out of the darkness underground and offer me a new way of life. This will require trust on my part. I will need to believe in myself and my ability to manifest my dreams. I will need to be okay with my life looking and feeling weird as I acclimate to the new vibration. I will need to find ways to soothe my spirit when I get uncomfortable, but still trust that moving in the direction of my guidance is my only option. I will need to be strong enough in myself that I am willing to own what I want in life and only then will those steps to that reality appear.

My sinus issues forced me to cease cluttering my mind with options that were overloading my system and take some time to be still. I like to link any dis-ease in the body to the chakra that governs that area of the body to search for deeper meanings behind my ailments. Sinus pressure is governed by the third eye, or area between the brows. This energy center is responsible for psychic vision and imaginings of the future (shocker). I feel as though I have been so focused on trying to come up with a new vision for myself that I lost sight of my imagination. I forgot to add some space for the universe to co create with me. This roughly looks like having an idea but keeping those ideas fluid so that the spirit can move as it is guided to move by the heart. We all have times when we forget we are more than the human experience we are having. Our problems are created in one energy, and their solutions will always come from a more creative higher vibrational source. The bottom line is to be okay with where you are in your process. Recognize that you are right on schedule and despite the outward appearances or discomforts you are experiencing divine timing. You made the choices you made in the past with the light you had at the time and voilà! Here you are! Know that through any perceived mistakes you grew to be more tolerant and loving towards yourself. Transcendent wisdom is seeing clearly. Not in the focused way trained on a goal, but rather your ability to observe how you interact with your world as you journey towards that goal. You keep just enough distance from your expected outcome to be able to shift and change directions as needed. If you find yourself unsure of your next step, not to worry. Hang loose. You will soon be guided right back on track with your divine plan. How do I know? Because my mama says so… and her word is law!

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