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The Trifecta: Understanding mind, body, soul connection

Updated: Apr 2

The mind, body and soul connection can become the trifecta in our existence if we understand how to blend the information these three powerhouses offer. Most of us honor one or two, but using all three together can vastly change our everyday experience.

The mind: The mind, when only used to react to its world, operates in a limited way. It uses its past experience and limited knowledge of possibility sprinkled with blind ambition to navigate our being. The ego has ample space to move in and demand that things go its way. It wants us to see ourselves as special, different from others, so it can prey on our insecurities and self-doubts to keep us in line. If it senses we are planning a coup, it will up the anxiety by way of intimating that we are unsafe financially, emotionally or even personally. The only way to allay any fears it conjures up is to look for our options when the pandemonium in our world overshadows our serenity. Cultivating an inner peace acts as an antidote that we can rely on to fortify us in challenging times. This training takes place on the mat in meditation, yoga, tai chi or any other way you can still your thoughts and find your center.

The body: The physical body has the needs of a small child, and they must be met, or she will throw a tantrum. Her belligerence looks a little more like dis-ease in the body including depression when she is ignored. She will attempt to be reasonable with a warning via aches, fatigue, or digestive issues. Her gift is her tenacity, and she will not hesitate to make your world come to a standstill if she is not heard. Sit with her and ask what she needs. If you are patient enough she will show you in your mind’s eye what foods will give her energy, if she would like to go to the park to decompress in nature or even if she requires naps or earlier bedtimes to get adequate rest. She wants to be considered, and when you do she is very willing to be on her best behavior.

The spirit: She’s your idea girl! She senses possibility and encourages you to take risks. She remembers your journeys from other lifetimes and works to steer you towards fulfilling your purpose on earth. She uses your sixth sense to communicate, hoping you are able to make sense of the signs and signals she sends your way. Her passion for recognizing her own greatness fuels her fire and expands her heart. She knows without self-love she is powerless, and she works overtime to connect you to your inner wisdom. She is that voice inside your head repeating you are resilient! anytime you feel insignificant and downplay your abilities. She can talk over any naysayer and often helps you to find compassion in times you are sure you are all tapped out. She wipes the sweat off your brow, pushes you back into the world, and encourages you to face your fears head on.

The trifecta: We can use the guidance of the spirit to create a plan of action with the mind. The body will go along as long as we monitor her vitals and respect her needs. When she resists, she might create a few aches and pains to indicate we are moving too quickly for her, as she is not ready to live in the new energy we are pushing her towards. When the mind gets too fearful, we need to pull back and look for the calm still center within. We must reach for that peaceful existence again and again which soothes the mind and relaxes the body, readying us to receive any guidance the spirit offers. We show the mind through our stillness that we can create a new reality for ourselves if we are willing to release our death grip on its agenda and allow for a new path to appear.

Our outside world will always be a reflection our inner world. By opening the channels of communication between our powerhouses we ensure our success in each of our endeavors. Allow each day to unfold the way it wants to and move to your center each time you sense you are feeling an imbalance or teetering on the edge of insanity. Check in with your body every hour. Does she need a restroom break? Maybe she’s craving a walk or needs a little hydration. Play some gentle music if your thoughts become unruly. Remind yourself you are safe and loved and that all is working out the way that it should. Let the spirit voice those hairbrained ideas and follow one or two to see how they change you. Learn from your mistakes allowing them to transform into experience, not regrets. These three are meant to be friends. They chose each other to navigate this lifetime. Your job is not to play favorites, but to allow each of them to share their gifts with you in their own way. Together, they allow you to keep your connection to infinite possibility while being rooted into the life that you have chosento lead.

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