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Be the Bus Queen.

Updated: Apr 2

I was sitting on a crowded bus making its way through the busy streets of Paris when a seat opened up next to a gentleman holding onto a large suitcase. I slid into the seat just as an older woman in her late seventies, dressed to the nines, got on the bus. She made a beeline for us and said “Je peux m’asseoir?” (I can sit down?) her energy intimated this was not a request. On the off chance that I missed that, I noted that her voice did not indicate an interrogative by rising at the end, but rather a declarative statement. Thirdly, her word choice of can instead of may indicated she was not asking permission.

The man and his large suitcase moved in three seconds flat. In fact, I started to stand up as well. My brain understood she only needed the one seat, but her demeanor caused me to question that reality. I realized that she had no patience for people that did not give her the respect she felt she was due. I was unable to look her in the eyes as I had the distinct impression that I had done something wrong. What is even more disturbing is that I secretly wanted to be this woman. Her bright pink silk blouse, kick ass mannie/peddie, perfectly coiffed hair made it obvious to all of us in her queendom that she knew her worth. Her energy was clear and confident. She was projecting that into the world, and we were responding in kind.

Later that day as it so happens, I found myself on a crowded subway wishing I could sit down. We had pretty much been on a whirlwind tour of Paris that left me tired with an achy back. I would have given my first-born child to sit down for just five minutes. I looked over at a twenty-year-old guy sitting not two feet from me. How great would it feel to be on that seat, pulling my knees into my chest releasing the tightness in my lower back. Would you believe that at that very moment he stood up and motioned for me to take his seat? What happened you might be wondering? He read my mind. I did not glare, or hint in a passive aggressive way. I just kept thinking of how nice it would be to sit down. I imagined myself in that seat and the relief that would overtake my tired body. I kept my thoughts on what I wanted to have happen.

This psychic phenomenon of nonverbal communication happens every day with our unconscious awareness. Imagine what we could do with our conscious awareness? I have experimented with telepathy in the past with my dogs. Animals are so receptive to connection that they eliminate any fearful thoughts of failure. We can communicate with them by sending them pictures in our mind of what we want them to do. The connection forged over time based on mutual trust allows the information to naturally flow between us. We assume that we know our pet really well, when on another level we are psychically vibing. I used to imagine my dogs jumping into the creek next to our house as I walked them around our field. I loved to hear the splash of the water as we rounded the corner and they obliged. Were they planning to take a dip anyway? Maybe. But I always thought the timing was interesting. Imagine if we communicated with the universe through our thoughts. What if we intentionally thought about what we wanted to have happen during the day and used it to create our lives? What if we went a step further and shared those thoughts with others so they could add their energy to our creations increasing the likelihood of our success? That could be bus queen powerful! Oh, wait a minute, we already do that! We are participating in creating our daily lives not simply through our actions and reactions, but even before that…with our thoughts. We enjoy the good things, but the bad? We have not yet put together that when we think about and share negative experiences, we are telepathing that information to the universe. We are broadcasting our thoughts at all times. Those thoughts that get thunk repeatedly and with emotion, get amplified attracting more of the same.

Directing your focus instead of allowing anything to drift into your awareness is challenging for most of us. Random thoughts would not ordinarily pose a problem, except that sometimes those thoughts are disempowering. If we happen to hold a belief in our personal energy that resonates with that lower vibrational thought, we become a magnet drawing in more of that energy. If micromanaging your thoughts is too hard, then try to be discerning with what you choose to let into your life. Be mindful of television shows that carry fearful and violent messages. Steer clear of gossips and the stories they spread. You may not be making the disparaging remarks, but if any of the sentiment gee haws with you, you’re taking that energy home and inviting more of it to visit later. I recommend playing with this energy in your own life so you can integrate this awareness in a deeper way. Start with telepathing info via images to your pet, picturing a primo parking spot before you arrive at your destination, or even thinking of a loved one and the message “contact me asap.” Who knows? You might even try to get a stranger to give up his seat at your favorite watering hole. Keep those thoughts on the desired outcome! As you find success with these endeavors you will begin to understand that your thoughts do have power. Next add your voice to the mix. Keep your conversations positive and uplifting throughout your day and more will go right than wrong. If you get a little nervous, channel the bus queen, she has no qualms taking up space in the world and making sure that space is to her liking. She keeps her mind on what she wants to have happen for her, and the universe bows in response.

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1 Comment

Rebecca Sunshine
Rebecca Sunshine
Jul 28, 2023

Hello Sabrina! I just enjoyed reading Be The Bus Queen so much! I was blessed and honored to have been born to a mother who studied metaphysics and spirituality. She taught me the workings of this truth and other truths as she raised me. As I read your writing here it caused me to remember that without fail if she was wanting to find a parking space in a crowded lot she would right away instruct me to visualize the perfect spot for us, and it always seemed within seconds our place would appear. Of course I have often used these principles consciously throughout my life but this is an excellent reminder and motivator and so clearly explained. Beautiful. Tha…

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