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Updated: Apr 2

I was sitting in a meeting trying to focus on the presentation when my attention was diverted to the corner of the room by two women carrying on a conversation. Y’all, this was not in the back of the room where one might expect people to get distracted. This was on the front row! I can only surmise they felt that Robert’s Rules of order did not apply to them.

I was offended. I was unable to concentrate at times due to their volume and stared in disbelief when one of them took a phone call and talked while walking out of the room and then loudly in the hallway. The Nerve!! I thought about this off and on for a couple of days and even talked about it with a few people to try to make sense of why some people feel they can disrespect each other in such an overt way. And then it hit me…there was something here for me to learn.

I realized that I needed to explore my reaction to this because it captured my attention in a big way. I probably spent two hours of my time focusing on them. I could have spent that time and energy in other ways but chose instead to be appalled by their behavior. Why did this lack of respect enrage me? I suppose I have standards of behavior that I expect others to comply with and fail to consider that they may not be acquainted with the writings of Emily Post. By allowing others to move in their way without feeling the need to change them, I free myself from expending energy on people I most likely would never befriend. I recoup that energy for the people I love and enjoy.

My new lens for these situations is to accept that the current results of what I am seeing are in perfect alignment with the energy at hand. It is my choice to determine what energy I want to add to the mix. I can complain about people behind their back which, let’s be honest, can feel good in the moment as it temporarily feels more powerful than being subjected to someone else’s rude behavior. However, this attitude does not raise the overall vibration. It actually contributes to the lower vibrational frequency because it pits me against them. Dualistic thinking automatically moves us out of love and acceptance. Best bet? Let my point of contention go. I can choose to remember that our journey together is short, and this incident is insignificant in the grand scheme of life. There is so much negativity in the world that can capture our attention and exaggerate our fears if we choose to see life in that way. To be a part of any solution we must be willing to set our sights on the positive aspects of the situation. Sometimes that looks like choosing not to let the behavior of another impact us in any way. By maintaining our sense of well-being, we do not contribute to the angst in the world and instead move into higher frequency energy where resolution and true change can occur. We all have pet peeves, and the universe will use them to help us release our judgement of others. This is the only path to oneness. We must experience contrast in order to understand how we want to respond to our world. If we can remember the bigger picture of how we want to feel during our day, rather than how their behavior makes us feel, then we can focus on finding our inner peace. If we can do that, what do you suppose will happen next? Hint: the law of attraction dictates that likes attracts like.

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