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Soul Journey

Updated: Apr 2

How do you know where your soul wants to take you in this lifetime? I’ve mentioned before that understanding your north node in your astrological chart can give you that information. But what if you have no desire to explore your astrological chart? Are there any other clues as to the soul journey you are on?

We all have certain quirks that we accept about ourselves, or that others point out to us. Maybe we are neat freaks or slobs. Perhaps feeling powerful and in control is our jam or maybe we make it a habit to get along with everyone by suppressing our needs. We might honor our family unit to the point of martyrdom or reject them because we abhor their authority. Whatever gives us that feeling of normal is actually what is seeking transformation. Those qualities or characteristics are what we perfected in other lifetimes (thus the feeling of familiarity) where this lifetime is geared more towards breaking free from those self-imposed limitations.

My spirit team told me long ago that as long as humans draw a breath they have the power to change. I hear these words in my head during consultations when I am feeling resistance from a client. Most of us spend our lives trying to get others to accept how we are without considering our healthy need for change. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be yourself around other people. But the goal should not be remaining comfortable to the point of stagnation, as change is paramount for growth. A plant needs the sun to grow, so it knows it must break through the earth’s darkness to find light. We humans know on some level that we need to break through our emotional and mental ground in order to find our light and share it with the world.

Here are a few questions to ponder that will give you a new awareness of your soul journey...

1: Make a list of your best qualities. How are you successful in life? Where have you excelled in your past? 2: Now make a list of complaints the people closest to you might have about you. I’m not saying they are right; I’m saying they have their own perception of you that differs from your own. It’s worth checking in with yourself to discover if any of it resonates.

3: Now what scares you? Where has life thrown you a curve ball that forced you to your knees? If you knew you would not fail or reap negative consequence, what risks would you take? Let’s take a look at an example of how this might play out in life. I have a client I could say the following about:

Good qualities=past life achievements Nurturing others Seeing to the needs of the family Selfless Generous Healer

Complaints of others=clues where soul wants to go in order to transcend previous lifetime energy Self-sabotages Spends too much time at home. Overemotional Represses own emotions, so discounts the emotional needs of others. High anxiety

Fears=soul journey Being perceived as selfish Having an identity outside of her family dynamic Setting personal goals and devoting the time and energy needed to achieve them. Being disrespected by others Failing

This person might constantly attract people into her experience who will negatively respond to her emotional reactivity because they are fellow souls teaching her to manage her emotions so that she can experience intimacy with others. As she permits her own feelings, she will be able to witness others. Empathizing with another’s difficulty creates a bond that values the individual’s needs over group consciousness. By caring about her own desires, she can look for ways to be successful in her own right, promoting accountability. By achieving her goals, she will respect herself more, which will give her the confidence she needs to take new risks.

Who will she love? People that expect her to honor the family unit. People that steer clear of her crazy emotional tantrums because they do not know how to handle them which results in her increased desire to spend time alone. She will fill her world with people that demand her loyalty. Hopefully when she has given all that she has physically, emotionally and mentally, she will start to look for ways to release those burdens and surrender to her spirit. The goal of this lifetime is for her to incorporate new adventures by transcending her complacency and co-dependency. The soul wants her to be selfish with her needs, to appreciate her unique qualities, and have her own dreams in life. By understanding this journey to be one where she unites with her spirit rather than resist it, she allows the unwritten journey of her soul to be revealed.

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