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Soul Contracts

Updated: Apr 2

We have the potential for growth with every person that crosses our path. Those people that actually make it past our barriers and into our inner circle are the ones we choose to learn with in this lifetime. What we grasp and internalize is up to both parties but make no mistake about it… from a soul perspective, these encounters are our destiny.

What is a soul contract? This agreement between two souls is inked before we incarnate into this lifetime. These agreements are typically with anyone that we connect to in a meaningful way. They are definitely the people that are in our family. Our soul connection to them was so powerful in previous lifetimes that we vowed to be together again in this lifetime to complete any unfinished business. These contracts are slightly different than those we have with our romantic partners. We can choose to opt out of love connections should the relationship fall short of the fairytale ending that we imagined. Since we are born into a family and must adopt their views in order to survive, this clan give us pa len ty of occasions to discover what is truly meaningful.

How do these contracts help us? Our agreements help us to achieve our destiny by a) supporting our goals or b) denying our goals. These people will open doors for us to walk through or help us to develop the inner strength needed to open our own doors, by sealing them shut. One of the gifts my mother came to bring me was an awareness of the metaphysical world. Her north node or soul journey (based on her birth info) includes an evolved connection to the angelic realm. She has the ability to see life from a higher dimension mainly due to her past lives of serving as an observer. In past lives she was able to disconnect from the immediate problem, let’s say in the role of scientist, and focus on the solution instead. In this life she understands on an intuitive level that problems are created in one energy and that solutions will come from a higher source. That higher place happens to be the same vibration as the angelic realm, making their assistance only a thought away! So, with that intuitive understanding of higher dimensions in this lifetime, she has no problem deviling into spiritual topics. True to her otherworldly promise to me, she is solely responsible for introducing me to spiritual topics. It was her love of the mystical world that made it a safe realm for me to explore in my youth. I never felt awkward reading or talking about spiritual subject matter with her. This freed me to devote more energy to this subject fulfilling my destiny of connecting with the spirit world in this lifetime. So basically, I can thank her for where I am today.

If you struggle with someone, especially a family member, then there is a strong likelihood that they are helping you shore up a weak part of yourself. They siphon off the positive elements of a planetary influence (based in astrology), so you will develop that quality or characteristic in your own being. This work is more challenging to appreciate, because the payoff seems to be nowhere in sight. It is damn near impossible to imagine that they could have an altruistic motive. Let’s say you want to open your heart and share your most intimate secrets with this person, and they block that intimacy by minimizing your feelings. They refuse to give you the validation and support you seek because in a previous lifetime, you depended on them in unhealthy ways. To correct that in this lifetime, they refuse to allow you to become dependent on them by invalidating you at every turn. Your inability to receive the closeness you seek requires you to care more about your own heart. This actually now frees you to search for connections with others. Using that prior knowledge of potential pain, you will now engage with new people using healthy discernment and work towards not giving yourself away in relationships. Can we say healthy boundaries? I find this work to be liberating on so many levels. If you are interested in investigating your family dynamics or your great disdain for your arch nemesis, you can learn more through the book “Cosmic Love” by Jan Spiller. What I guide my clients to focus on with this information is the ability to create an awareness of support and an opportunity to heal in all directions of time. This enables our spirit to heal the past, present and future issues around our wounds. We can even heal the pain we experienced with our loved ones that are now in spirit, as this work is not restricted by our time space reality. Let us remain aware that growth for souls happens when we are nurtured and neglected. The soul journey is not about making life easy; it is about making life authentic. As we understand the role our families agree to play in order to make that happen, we can change our perspective and see even our enemy as the hero in the story of lives.

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