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It Is Mine

Updated: Apr 2

Up, up, and away!

A few years ago, I woke up early one morning and could not get out of bed. I rolled over and slept for a few more hours and then turned on the tv. I was sad. I cried in response to the tremendous heaviness in my chest. I spent the entire day in my bed lost in my grief. Here’s the kicker: it was only the night before that I closed my eyes feeling on top of the world.

Consulting a strange visitor from another planet: By dinner time I felt I had to rally as kids would expect some sort of communication from the command center. It was one of those “how about La Cabana?” And “bring me my purse” moments. Thank goodness they could drive! By bedtime I had had enough misery. I asked my team of guides what was going on? Why I was so unhappy when my life was going so well? I heard the message, “We are so glad you finally asked! This is not your pain, dear one. You are tuning into the grief of the previous owner of the house that spent many days sick in this room. To which I responded, “why did you let me suffer all day long if you were aware this wasn’t my stuff?” “It is not ours to intervene, unless asked. We are always with you, but your free will determines your journey.” Sabrina Matheny: a mild-mannered reporter for Rumble I make it a point to investigate the energy patterns in my life. I like to report my findings to my readers to give them a leg up on their journey. So, here’s the skinny: I am definitely empathic, and I now make it a common practice to invite my guides into my life every day. That does not mean I ask for advice on what I should do in a given situation, as this would disempower me. It means, when I am confused, I ask for guidance. I ask for any assistance to move myself back into clarity.

We empaths are so accustomed to feeling the energy around us, that it never occurs to us to check in and determine if we are feeling our feelings or the feelings of someone else. You might know this reaction as taking everything someone says or does personally. We assume that if you are upset, we are the cause or that we can and should fix it. We have had little or no training in deciphering what it is exactly we are feeling, or where it is coming from, which leaves us open to the influences of anyone we meet.

Faster than a speeding bullet Your guidance is on it, if you have the wherewithal to consult it. Here are a few tips:

1: Is it mine? Step one should always involve a check in of ownership. This is a healthy practice of drawing lines around our energy and beginning to perceive the energy of others.

2: Don’t intervene with others unless asked. Follow the lead of the spirit world. There is so much power in owning your feelings and asking for support. If someone is suffering and chooses not to reach out, it could mean they are not quite ready to share. They may lack understanding on where they stand and will ask for your help when they know what they need. It could also mean that their inner martyr is running the show. The very nature of martyrdom is not wanting or needing help. Allow them their moment or moments in the spotlight of victimhood and save your energy for those ready to clasp your outstretched hand.

3: Create a mantra to ease your need to save the day. It isn’t easy for any of us to watch someone suffer. Until someone reaches that point of wanting to change their behavior or mindset, they are your kryptonite. The phrase “I know you will get through this; you are strong and capable” works wonders when our anxiety escalates in response to their discomfort.

More powerful than a locomotive Wouldn’t it be nice to sport a lead suit, like superman did, to protect us from the radiation of any challenging energy? Well, you actually hold the antidote to succumbing to the plight of those around you. It’s called self-awareness and you don’t have to be a Krytonian to get it. You can cultivate that knowing simply by being curious about you. If your mood changes and you are unsure of what you are responding to, tune in and ask. Please let that include any anxiety that gets triggered. Often, that anxious behavior can be feeling the hyped-up energy of everyone around you.

We may not be able to change the course of mighty rivers, or bend steel with our bare hands, but we are enlightened beings capable of surmounting the greatest of obstacles with a single bound. So go ahead and rip open your shirt displaying the S on your chest! It marks the exact spot in your body of your superpower. Caring how you feel enough to wonder why you are feeling out of sorts will always move you up, up, and away to a more powerful place!

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