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Updated: Apr 2

Your frequency also known as your vibration or vibe is the foundation of all energy. It is used as a magnet to draw to you all of your experiences. Being aware of how you are resonating throughout your day becomes your greatest asset. The reason that energy workers meditate daily is to raise their frequency thereby increasing their sensitivity. That sensitivity puts them in touch with healer guides that communicate ways in which they can serve their clients. We never have the power to heal others, as that would bypass their free will. However, by raising our frequency, we bring a heightened energy into a space and others can benefit by attuning to that vibration. Whatever healing is meant for them can readily flow to them, for as long as they maintain that higher set point. 

By taking as little as five minutes a day to sit in peace and solitude we can feel our natural vibration. We need that time to develop our language with our higher self. She often speaks in symbols and relays messages through our feelings. By sensing how she communicates with our physical being, we can use the information to read our physical world more accurately. We all know that people rarely reveal their true feelings in everyday exchanges.  When we are tuned in we can actually feel if their words and intentions do not match, and we can definitely see when their actions further demonstrate that disconnection. So how does meditation help us in those moments? 

That frequency raising session, gives us a baseline for our vibration. As we elevate our frequency we align with our natural state of love and appreciation for who we are. It is also the place of oneness and connection to others, so it holds a wisdom that the ego self cannot access. Our choices then reflect not only how we will be impacted, but also how we will impact another. We may not receive that understanding in a vision of what their experience will be, but we will receive a sensation in our body that feels “off” so we will be inclined to explore that choice in a deeper way.  Our higher self will sound the alarms when we are moving in a direction that is detrimental to our well-being, so we most want to pay attention to what is loud in our relationships. As we stay in integrity we move into a flow and notice synchronistic moments and then find the courage it takes to act on them. We can feel the vitality of opportunity and the heaviness of situations that are meant to transform us. These feelings work in tandem with our guidance system to alert us to change. Once we realize that change is on the horizon, we can look for the ways to stay safe and ride out the storm or risk reward by joining the torrent.


We are never left to do this alone. There is a team of teachers in place to guide us through life’s circumstances, but to receive their wisdom we must elevate our frequency. These are spiritual beings reside in a higher dimensional place. They will adjust their frequency as much as possible to resonate with us, but we have to take our focus out of the 3D world of the physical and expand it into the higher dimensions to receive their guidance.  This information is often relayed through symbols that we can use to develop a language with our team.  By knowing through that practice of peace and solitude what our frequency feels like, we can easily sense when another, higher frequency being is with us. 

This also works the other way with our earthly teachers. We can feel when people in our lives have energy that is heavier than ours, so we know that they are not connected to their authenticity in the moment. This is how I sense when a student is not being honest with me about missing my class, or when I can feel a kid is on edge and it is not the right moment to make my point with them. I am lucky that I can tune into the energy of a space quickly and sense the overall mood of the classroom and adjust my lesson plans accordingly. It requires adaptability on my part, and that can only happen when I trust my instincts. That trust is built with knowing my core vibration and her cues. 

Your ability to know yourself will at times be the only guiding force in your life. The resistance that goes hand in hand with rigidity will bind your feet leaving you feeling powerless to affect change in your life. Often called the dark night of the soul, it is a time when fear grips our reality. If we have been taking care of our frequency, then we will not be caught totally off guard. Our psychic senses have steeled us for this moment, and we naturally connect to a higher power through the universal language of energy. We may not know of yet the next step to take, but we can somehow feel it will all work out. That peace that soothes our frightened inner child puts us right back in sinus rhythm. Five minutes a day for all of that? Yeah, worth it!

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