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Feng Shui: Good Vibrations

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing a space by using a combination of the elements water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Understanding how energy moves or becomes stagnant and the effect it has on the people living there, is key to transforming the living environment. So this begs the question, “how do you know if your home has good or bad energy flow?”

You follow the advice of the Beach Boys, and start picking up “good vibrations”. When I’m visiting a home for the first time, I pay careful attention to my body. Am I relaxed or anxious? Our bodies are excellent barometers that can detect easily if a person or place is safe and nurturing. When we feel secure, we naturally relax and expand our energy. This openness allows us to receive energy and nurture our body, mind, and spirit. As we move into alignment we are better able to extend our energy to others through our relationships and our work life.

Being in the same space over time can contribute to our becoming desensitized to how we feel in it. We’ve stubbed our toe enough on the foot of the coffee table to know we should carefully walk around it. I use the technical term “uh-oh energy” to describe this phenomenon. Anytime we brace ourselves or contract our energy, we stop energy from flowing naturally throughout a space. This can create a heavy energy that will collect clutter or even repel us so that we don’t enjoy being in that room. In Feng Shui, not using a room in your home can be likened to not using a body part. The rooms are associated with emotional areas of life like abundance and health, making the overall effect of avoiding rooms detrimental to your well being. This can interfere with your life in a profound way. Remember: all energy connects!


Walk through your home with your cell phone. If there is a room that you don’t like, take a picture of it. Then look at that picture as though it were in a magazine. Pictures help us detach from a space enough to gain some perspective about what we’re sensing that is out of balance.

Next, we must get really honest about what’s happening there. Maybe you hate the couch your mother gave you, so the bad vibes you feel are indicative of your relationship with her. Or you never use the formal dining room because you associate it with being too rigid or pretentious, preferring casual impromptu gatherings instead. Feel that awareness in your body! Your body will ALWAYS honor your truth. You don’t have to be an expert on how wood feeds fire or metal chops wood, in order to create good energy flow in your home. You have to be an expert on you. If how you feel matters the most to you, then you will always be able to create those good, good, good, good vibrations…

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