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Energy Vampire

Updated: Apr 2

Today’s article is brought to by the letter “V” and the number 14…. I want to drink your blood! Say this again with a Bela Lugosi accent from the movie Draculaand you can really feel the vampire vibration. We all have experience with this guy or gal in our life. We call her the energy vampire because she sucks the life right out of us. We are literally exhausted after an exchange with her. You might be nodding your head and wondering what is this all about?

The Universal Law of Vibration states that all things in the universe move in a circular pattern and this includes our thoughts and feelings. This means that we all have a vibrational frequency. Like a radio dial, we can tune into different frequencies or stations, depending on our point of attraction on any given day. Some days we feel good (higher vibration) and others, not so much (lower vibration). Now, not one of us would like to be in the same category as said, vampiress, but the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) states otherwise. In order for her to be in our life at all means there is something in our energy that matches hers.

If I hold up a mirror, will she see her reflection? I know what you are thinking. Right about now you saying to yourself, (and smugly, I might add) I know exactly how to deal with this woman. I know her number and when she calls, I let it go to voicemail. Or I simply go the other way when I see her at work. Avoidance is a band-aid. In order to heal your life from these friends, you need to get to the root or cause of the energy match. The fastest path to sending her on her way, is to find that common ground. Remember, she stands for all the ways you seek to hold yourself apart from others. Your stance: You have been soul searching and have really worked on your boundaries. You’ve moved way past caring if other people are disappointed if you can’t comply with their agenda and can say “let me get back to you” like a champ. You love yourself so much that you will no longer stand next to your bff while she recounts last night’s shenanigans, crossing your legs and waiting for an opportunity to dash to the lady’s room to relieve yourself. (Wit ya!)

So, what in the world do you have in common with a person that insists on making every interaction about her and her needs? Her stance: When she is with you, she feels in control of her life more than ever before. She suddenly feels powerful, and boy does it feel good! I don’t know… you have a je ne sais quoi, and she wants to have it too! Universal stance: Here are two women that both seek to feel stable, grounded and vital. One woman (you) has been working to ground her energy by becoming a stabilizing force in the world. You stand in your personal power and therefore have raised your vibration. You shine so brightly, that all those that also have the power to shift in such a magnificent way are now attracted to your light. She wants that light. Your Vamipirella means business. She feels that power and doesn’t know how to hold it in her own experience. She merely gets glimpses when she is with you, and she likes feeling connected. We (the universe) are hoping that she will take the opportunity to search her being for her own path to personal power and follow her passions to light her own flame. She doesn’t need yours, but she doesn’t realize that just yet.

Show your fangs!

That’s right, smile. You get it. You can’t fix her, but you can now hold compassion for her. The best way to deal with people like her is to continue to shine your light. Increase the vibrational distance between you and her by searching every dark place within your being that holds you apart from love. Turn your attention away from those ideas that keep you in tune with the negative, lower energy of criticizing and judging others.

Like wearing garlic, you are protected by embracing and loving those parts of your being that are less than perfect. Because you are willing to hold that energy for yourself, you can now extend it to her. She will no longer be attracted to your light, as you no longer participate in the agenda of separation. I.e., I must get away from her because she is… (not like you) You see, she can’t feel better when she is with you, if you no longer are willing to do her work. By choosing not to participate in her experience by being her personal cheerleader AND not holding her need to have one against her, you free yourself.

A cross is good too

A traditional remedy for protecting humans against vampires, the cross serves as a symbol for our connection to a Higher Power. No matter what name the Higher Power goes by in your spiritual life, it’s a high vibrational force of love. The feelings and thoughts conjured by the symbol of the cross come in handy with energy vampires as crosses are reminders of the power of prayer. Prayers take you out of ego-based fear and into your heart where love abounds. It is a reminder that we are never alone and are fully supported by a greater force. We can surrender our fears and know that we ALL are children of the universe and simply by being born we are worthy of being loved. Happy Valentine’s Day! (Said like Count von Count Dracula from Sesame Street with his staccato ah-ah-ah!)

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