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Updated: Apr 2

You might have heard a little something, something about the fifth dimension and the ascension process. In the spiritual community there is a lot of buzz around bringing in more light to our planet and healing our beloved mother earth. You might be wondering what that is all about and how it will impact you?

The fifth dimension is another plane of existence. It is not a place far, far, away…it is a state of being. When we speak of letting in more light, we really mean that we feel that we are interconnected to all people, places and things. Where we begin and end is only in our mind, and so the possibilities in life are unlimited. We find ways to get into our flow and remain there instead of bouncing around in fear. Fear is an illusion that we create in order to manifest experiences that will allow us to revitalize and expand our sense of self. When we ascend into the higher frequency, we no longer need the school of hard knocks to expand. We understand that separation of any kind weighs us down and tricks us into believing that our five senses are all that we have to navigate our world.

The sixth sense that we all innately rely on for guidance is actually the “most valuable player” in the fifth dimension. She understands the power of telepathy, so she is discerning with her thoughts. She keeps them laser-focused on the ideas she wants to experience because in the fifth, time moves faster, so all thoughts are manifesting into reality at breakneck speed. She acknowledges the mind, body, spirit connection and when something is amiss in her physical body, she looks for the underlying cause. She does not berate her body for failing to serve her, instead she uses her sensitivity to uncover any erroneous beliefs that over time contributed to the physical pain now working on her behalf to provide a transformational experience. The goal is not to surrender her power to an outside force crossing her fingers and hoping for the best, but to ask herself the pressing questions: “How is this experience serving me? How do I choose to engage with my agency? Is there any connection between this experience and a belief that was formed early in life when I was in survival mode?”

The fifth dimension offers all of these gifts for the low, low price of believing that she is worthy of receiving all that she envisions. When she follows her passion she recognizes that she is well on her way to raising her frequency. She once believed that being carefree was synonymous with being immature and that the key to successful adulting was in assuming a more responsible role in life. That belief was reinforced by her family and well-meaning friends that encouraged her to pursue a degree that offered her stability in lieu of following her passions to the corners of the earth. As she was dutifully climbing her corporate ladder each year, her spirit was rapidly free falling as the gravitational pull of the 3-D world sucked her in and attempted to sever their bond. No amount of at-a-girls was filling her void. She tried to silence the internal pleas for change by numbing her body, but her spirit insisted she rise up and claim her sovereignty. At first in her dreams, and then in her waking moments she began to accept that she is connected to all that is!  

This is what happens when we allow more light into our bodies. We ink our story one day at a time. We appreciate our spell checks as they highlight our inner dialogue. What is no longer palatable gets released, so guilt and shame cannot tether us to dis-ease. We savor the experiences we have with all people hoping that today they will show us our limits. And when they do, we look for ways to see the exchange from the higher perspective. From there the view is seamless so all of our assumptions about others fall away and leave us with a crystal-clear image of ourselves. As with any interaction that triggers our fear, we learn that these people offer a different way of being in the world. It is our choice to change our viewpoint to include this disparate element or we can use the feelings of discomfort to increase the volume of our inner voice sticking with our current momentum. This is what it means to ascend into the fifth dimension. You do not need to find an Ashram to lift off. You only need to follow your passion, recognize you are in perfect timing with your destiny, and ride the wave of a universal connection.

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