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Animal Speak

Updated: Apr 2

Intuition is sensing that which cannot be seen, but nevertheless can be felt. “How” we get that information is unique to each of us. It is an understanding we have about how our individual mind, body, and spirit connect. We create this understanding by building a language of sorts and using that system for insight.

One way I relate to my higher self is through animal speak. I use the messages of various creatures that cross my path to guide me. One such winged being that made his presence known to me recently was the cardinal. This guy has been harassing every cardinal he sees in my vehicle’s side mirrors. He comes to the windows of my house and pecks at them until I close my shades. His territory is vast, as every guest I have can attest to. I have Ingles bags in hand as I greet them and tie the bags around their side mirrors like it’s a “normal” thing to do.

So what’s the message he offers me? To understand animal speak you begin by studying the qualities and characteristics of the creature and then examine its habitat, reproductive cycle and prey. Next, you look at your life and what you might need to incorporate from his/her experience in order to move forward.

In my case, I’m learning how to balance the yin and the yang within me. I’m well versed in the way of the yin: nurturing, nest building, loving, receiving guidance, and creating. Check. Check.

The yang? Going after what I want? Taking care of my needs? Allowing my passion to drive me forward and create in the world? New territory.

I need to practice being more assertive and demonstrate to myself that my gifts and talents can be utilized to support myself in life. In other words that “I got me”.

Watching, who I now affectionately refer to as “my cardinal”, I am learning to : • be fierce and exert my will (“male”cardinal) • set goals and go after my dreams and not give up or give in. (Protecting territory) • be seen and heard. (Color red) • remember I am supported by the universe (…ahem, Ingles bags?)

And bonus: being a Feng Shui consultant, I also like to consider where on my bagua ( map of my floor plan) the bird was showing up. He was tapping on the windows of my helpful people area (living room) and the fame and reputation area (kitchen). This is giving me the heads up that these two emotional areas of my life are getting ready to change!

I’m a believer in animal wisdom. You might be too. You are reading this, after all. If it resonates, then I ask you to send a “namaste” to the next cardinal you see because his visits have given me the push I needed to GET READY TO RUMBLE!

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