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Your Nuts and Bolts

Updated: Apr 2

The other day I started to leave my apartment when I remembered that I had an extra set of keys to my door in my purse. I started to take them out and lay them on my tray in the foyer, and I hesitated.

At that point I searched my memory for any reason I could think of that would explain why I would need this set of keys. I could think of nothing, but decided to honor my feeling that they should stay in my purse. After a day filled with shopping with my son, we were exhausted and starving! My partner was luckily in town and met us at our apartment building and generously offered to drive my car over to the parking garage so we could head up to my place and get ready to go out for dinner. As he drove off, I suddenly remembered he had my keys to the apartment! Look who needed her extra set conveniently located in her purse!

I have clients ask how they can communicate directly with their guides. How can they receive the information for themselves without having to invest money and time in a psychic or spiritual session. It is pretty simple; you have to become aware of how you work. You have guides that are with you all the time, communicating through your psychic senses, the wise words of friends, books that find their way to you, a television show’s content or dialogue, the lyrics of radio songs, coincidences and more! You are always getting the communication, but you might be so used to the way it transpires that you barely notice it and never think to ask where it is coming from and what else you can do with it. Want to increase your ability to perceive information? Start getting curious.

  1. When you are moving about your day doing routine things, do you ever feel the urge to deviate from the norm?

  2. Can you recall getting a new piece of information about something or someplace that piqued your curiosity?

  3. Have you felt low energy around any part of your life such as your home, your body, or your relationships?

These are some ways that your team of guides strives to get your attention so you can change your circumstances to make your life better. By noticing what is different, you stop looking at what’s directly in front of you and begin interacting with the energy all around you. As you follow your hunches you will get small wins (like my keeping that set of keys in my purse) that will build your confidence to take bigger risks that eventually will hit paydirt! Our guides offers us information that can save time, hassles, bad investments in people or businesses as well as opening the door to opportunities for new jobs, people and places. When you receive the different feeling and investigate it’s source, you begin a dialogue with your guides. Here is an experience I recently had: I felt antsy. I am not normally antsy in the morning, so it caught me off guard. I wondered what was going on in my world that made me uncomfortable. I tuned into my team of guides for answers and then had a thought that I should read my emails. I was grateful to focus on this task because I did not like feeling so unsettled. I scrolled down to see an email from a friend informing me of her husband’s imminent passing. I immediately sent loving energy to him to assist him on his journey home. My team gave me an opportunity to send healing energy to my friend by offering words of encouragement as she faced letting go of her husband and his life on earth. I could have ignored that restless feeling and missed the opportunity to support his passing. Luckily I followed my guidance and was able to read the email before he crossed over. When you delve into the different feeling, you will most likely get a nudge to do something. If you follow that prodding, you start the journey. With each step you take you will discover more about yourself and what you really want or need that you have been ignoring. Not every lead will pan out, they are not meant to. Leads are opportunities to learn what you are connected to energetically. Life is a contact sport. In order to grow, you must actively participate in your world. It is for you to mature your intuitive voice. By trusting what you receive and noting how you receive it, you learn how you are put together, your nuts and bolts. Trust that the handbook you are creating will lead you to a creative, passionate existence as you grow into your confidence.

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