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Where Two Worlds Touch

Updated: Apr 2

One Saturday morning my parents called me and my sister down to the kitchen to have a fire safety lesson. I was about sixteen at the time. They explained that we were never to throw water on a grease fire. It had to be smothered with a lid or baking soda. Seriously?Why are we talking about this stuff? They finished up their spiel and left us to run errands together. Later that day they called to say they were stopping off at the Pizza Hut (a real treat for us) to pick up dinner and my mother asked my sister to make iced tea.

Matheny iced tea recipe: Place 6 large teabags in a pitcher Add boiling water to cover the bags Let it steep for an hour squeeze out the bags, add a cup of sugar, stir and then fill the pitcher with cold water

I was in my room working on my homework when I heard my sister screaming fire! I ran downstairs to find flames on the stove! I grabbed her hand and raced out of the house! We ran up and down the street yelling fire until my neighbor came home and called the fire department. Moments later there were four fire trucks pulling up to our house only to find that the grease fire, yes you read that right, had burned itself out. My sister had accidentally turned on the burner with the pan of bacon grease in it, instead of the one with the kettle. What are the odds that would happen on the very same day as the fire safety speech?

We are all guilty of these little mishaps aren’t we? We can be given a heads up by the universe and instead of recognizing it and even using the information to our advantage, we fall back into reacting to what is in front of us. We want to learn about spirituality yet when it’s time to take that knowledge and apply it to our muggle lives, we forget about it. We might start our day with meditation, but do we stop and tune in to that peaceful place for guidance when life gets chaotic?

We call ourselves empaths, but do we try to discern what we are feeling before we attempt to help others? Why doesn’t it occur to us that if we only ever give to others we will eventually burn out? What good is our intuition if we ignore it when it tries to get our attention? In order to bridge our world and the higher dimensions, we must practice integrating the seen and the unseen. We need to look for ways to acknowledge these parts of ourselves externally so that we can strengthen them internally to move into our flow.

Here are a few ways that I have found to let the two worlds touch: I make it a habit to describe my psychic impressions with the way they are presented to me. “I am seeing…or I am hearing…” This reminds me that I am psychic, I do get impressions and I can trust them. By naming the clair skill they come through, I reinforce my clairvoyance and clairaudience.

When I am upset, I make it a practice to ground my energy by running or walking, ridding myself of anxiety, and reach for my tarot cards. I know that I am never going to be able to hear my guidance when I am angry. I must work to release my fear in order to tune into a higher vibe. My cards help me to detach from my situation to gain a little perspective. I use my tough situations to broaden my viewpoint rather than stay in my dualistic mindset. Anytime I am willing to see things from a larger perspective I am able to find my power faster.

I feel into people’s energy fields when I am uncertain if their bad mood has to do with me. Then, I silently remind myself that it is not my responsibility to fix anyone else. This is tough for me because I want them to feel better. Over the years I’ve learned from my team that how that happens must come from inside of them. I am learning to stay in my lane and silently give others a you got this for encouragement, instead of presuming I know what they need.

Am I good at doing this all the time? Absolutely not. But I am learning to bring more of my spirit into my physical life. I truly believe we are meant to do more with this awareness than simply read about it. We are meant to find ways to make it a meaningful part of our everyday life. Your spirit team is constantly putting new information on your path. You can bet, much like that day at 710 North Main St., you will get an opportunity to practice that new awareness. When I think back to that day I do believe I just may have gotten the lesson I was meant to learn after all. I may not have remembered to pour the box of baking soda on the flames, but I did remember to grab the hand of a person that I loved and did my best to keep her safe. ‘People first’ isn’t a bad takeaway.

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