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What is Intuition?

Updated: Apr 2

Let me start by reminding you that you have been using your intuition your entire life. This is the gift we are all born with, and it serves as a connection to our spirit. Wanting to better understand how you can interact with your intuition is your spirit’s guidance that you are now ready to consciously use it in a bigger way to support your life. This is to be celebrated! Now let’s get down to the business of figuring out how “you” work and allowing that soft voice within to blare like a trumpet and move you in the direction of your best life!

Getting Started

Last week I mentioned that intuition is a receptive energy. It’s good to remember that because it is the key to developing intuition into something you can actively rely on when you need it. In order to get better at deciphering this code, practice receiving. The attitude of gratitude has merit here. When you move into allowing, your intuition sharpens. Why? Because when we are allowing, we are not resisting. We are open and our receptors are heightened. We are acutely aware of our surroundings and the effect it is having on us. When the bag boy (or girl) at the grocery store offers to help you to your car, say “yes!” When your friend offers to buy the next round of drinks, nod and say “sure!” When your honey offers to unload your car, beam with pride, and accept the love being directed towards you. You are increasing your ability to receive goodness into your life. Energetically you are making a container to hold energy. This is increasing your point of attraction, because you are now expecting support so your guidance will begin to align you with supportive people and experiences. Like attract likes! Law of attraction 101!

The Clairs…

Clair is French for clear. It’s good to keep in mind that not everybody is clairsentient meaning, clear feeling. Your inability to feel guidance doesn’t mean you don’t have it. It means your guidance comes through a different 6th sense. Intuition can work with you in the following ways:

Clairaudience (the clear hearing of words, sound or music in your mind). This also could be tuning into conversations around you or on the television that have nothing to do with you, but somehow addresses an issue in your life. Clairsentience (a clear feeling of another’s emotions or pain) gut feelings! Empaths live here. Have you heard of the heebie-jeebies? Yep, that’s your intuition warning you that “here comes trouble!”

Clairalience (the clear smelling of odors that do not have a physical source) These can be pleasant like perfume or baking smells, or unpleasant like cigarette smoke. This is often utilized when we are getting health guidance or a loved one in spirit is making their presence known.

Clairgustance (clear tasting of something and you aren’t eating!) A great way for your grandmother who loved to bake to get your attention! Again, this can be used to guide you to eat better food or discourage you from a potential bout of food poisoning.

Claircognizance (clear knowing of things that you have no previous knowledge of) You don’t know why you feel strongly about something that proves to be accurate. If you’ve ever been called “a know it all” you have a strong connection to this 6th sense.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing of things that come to pass) These are images we receive well in advance of a particular event. This can also manifest by someone introducing you to a person and immediately you see an image of your mother. Your intuition might be signaling that this new person is loving and nurturing and will be influential in your life.

Practice makes perfect

If you are unaccustomed to working with your intuition, there will be a learning curve. It’s good to know that intuition often pops in when we are doing something in a rote fashion like washing dishes, folding laundry or driving. Why? Because we are actively engaging the mind and not resisting our thoughts in the moment. New and creative ideas can make an appearance offering us a different perspective or a new thread to pull on. Intuition can be faint and often is the FIRST thought you have. After that initial impression, the mind takes over and begins to rationalize what you saw, heard, understood etc., so learning to follow that first impression is key to this process.

No dog in the fight

In order to get better at using your intuition, begin with areas that have no real consequence in your life. For example, ask yourself “What should I eat for dinner tonight?” Note the first thing that comes into your mind. Did you get a picture of a food? A color? Did you taste a hamburger? Did you smell lasagna? Did you feel heavy when you thought of red meat, and lighter when you thought of fish? Write down your impressions about seemingly insignificant things. Keeping a journal will allow you to validate these impressions.

If indeed you choose to go for the steak at lunchtime, when you saw fish in your mind’s eye…be sure to write down the effect that eating the red meat had on your body. Perhaps you experienced a little more gas than you wanted or suddenly wanted to nap in lieu of finishing the workday strong. By keeping a record of these fleeting thoughts, you start to build confidence around what you’re getting.

Look for patterns around time frame. When you get several hits and then notice that they come to pass in about two weeks’ time, then you know when to expect your impressions to come to pass. This isn’t an exact science; in fact, it isn’t science AT ALL. So, leave room for change and growth. Some of your insights might be needed at the next traffic light. For instance, you might feel anxious all of a sudden and then notice a distracted driver veering into your lane. That anxiety caused you to brake and be more aware, so you could shift on the fly. Congratulations, you just followed your guidance!

I wonder…

Your confidence will naturally increase as you demonstrate that you will follow those hair brained ideas. As they pan out, so too will your interest in learning more. Being curious is a great way to strengthen intuition because it leaves a little room for the unknown to participate in your process. All of this to say dear friend, that there is not one path and you have not been shortchanged in this gift from your source. You too have this beautiful 6thsense(s) and discovering how it works in your experience is now part of your magical journey. Namaste.

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