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Updated: Apr 2

Have you ever been in a room with other people and sensed that something was amiss? You look around the coffeehouse, you see a couple having a heated conversation, a.w.k.w.a.r.d. You notice the man across the room has his eyes locked on you, and you can feel he is imagining you as his counterpart in a porn movie. Gross! The couple in the corner? Awh…how cute, must be a first date! You are sensing energy! Now that you know what it is, what does it mean, and what are you supposed to do with it?

You have a vibration that is made up of your thoughts and feelings. When you are out of sorts, your vibration is low. When you are in a good mood, your vibration is high! Wherever you are in a given moment is the reality that you will create. This is your natural forcefield in the world and it will determine what experiences you magnetize to you. Let’s look at that again in the context of the coffee shop experience above.

Let’s say I wake up this morning worrying about my health. I have had a sensitive stomach lately that is proving to make life a tad more challenging. On the way to an appointment with a gastroenterologist, I decide to get a cup of joe. I order a decaf (I’m not a sadist, I know caffeine can trigger inflammation) mocha latte with almond milk, please. I am worried about what the doctor might discover. I’m in fear. Unbeknownst to me, this is the energy that will determine who I get to interact with today, as like vibration attracts like vibration. I will energetically draw the attention of the perv across the room, rather than couple in love because I am an energetic match to his dense energy. I can feel his intentions with me are not honorable. I know this because I get the heebie-jeebies when I tune into to him. My energy projects out to touch his energy and gives me feedback that makes me uncomfortable. Since my energy is now heavy with fearful thoughts, I become an energetic match to his dense energy. I feel powerless due to my health concerns, he preys on the weak.

Now let’s try another scenario. I wake up feeling rested. I stretch and think, wow what a great nights sleep! I hop up and move into my routine of meditation. I breathe into all of my chakras pulling the energy up through my body. I spend extra time on my solar plexus because my stomach is sensitive, but I feel positive knowing I have an appointment today to learn more. I start to worry and then decide that I can handle whatever comes up. I ask my angels to guide me to the people able to support my healing. I see the sun beaming in and look forward to my short walk to the coffee shop. When I walk in I see a couple in their twenties laughing and holding hands. They appear to be in love. My vibration is higher because I am hopeful that I will get some answers at my appointment and come up with a viable path to healing. What’s going on with the creep in the corner? He’s gathering his things to go, because now it is he that is uncomfortable. Law of transmutation states that high energy trumps low energy, so if he cannot raise his vibration to match mine, he will feel the urge to get away from the discomfort he feels when he tunes into me. We are not an energetic match and therefore cannot be in each other’s experience. Your vibration is your first line of defense in the world. It determines each encounter you have. Whether you are in fear, hate, jealousy, or judgement, does not matter, their frequencies are similar. The same for love, joy, hope and acceptance. If you want to create the best life for yourself, find ways to feel joyful. Check in with yourself throughout your day, note when your energy drops and be willing to do something about it. Go for a brisk walk to discharge any anxiety. Take a chamomile teabag to work and head to the breakroom to nurture your spirit the first moment you can. Put in your air pods and play soothing music to attune to a higher vibe. You are the keeper of your mind and of your body, and with that knowing comes the responsibility of taking care of your frequency. Yes you will have challenging moments in life. Do not permit them to define you. Make the decision that how you feel matters the most to you and look at each seemingly negative experience as an opportunity to move out of resistance and into your flow. You are loved and protected by source energy, but to benefit from it, you must be a match to it. Now get out there and start acting like you know that already!

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