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To protect or not to protect, that is the question…

Updated: Apr 2

Have you ever been in a crowd of people and felt overwhelmed or uneasy? You probably started to panic inside and tried to get away from the hubbub tout de suite! Perhaps you worry about being around negative people and feel the need to shield up in order to protect your energy around these psychic vampires! How exactly does one protect their energy and is it necessary?

Our auric field extends around our body at least 20 feet in all directions. This energy body serves the purpose of sending our etheric body (the energy field closest to the physical body) information about our environment. Not too long ago, I would have suggested you seal your body in a ball of white light in order to protect your energy. Today, I am going to offer you much different advice. The best protection you can have (drum roll please…) is for you to go big! You heard me, take your energy and push it out through your heart chakra as wide and tall as you can and here’s why…

We are energetic beings living a human experience. Holding our energy in close around our physical body is very limiting to the spirit. It feels similar to the clown being stuffed back into the jack in the box. Shrinking your aura when we are tense or anxious can create tension headaches because our energy does not have enough room to handle all the energy our system is holding. Operating from this limited aspect can also keep us connected to our environment from only the lower chakras. These are the first three chakras that help us to navigate our human lives. These chakras are not refined enough to connect into universal knowledge. This wisdom take place in the upper three chakras above the heart. The heart chakra is the passageway to the upper chakras. The upper chakras are where we connect into our intuition. Engaging with others in the lower chakras is like putting on blinders to walk through a crowd. We would only be able to see right in front of us, unable to prepare for what is happening all around us.

Your auric field wants to push beyond the physical body and feel as much as it can. This actually helps the physical body to relax and tune in. This is how it serves the human experience. By opening your heart and expanding your energy when you are in new and challenging situations, the energy information that travels back to your chakras will tell you if there are others that have malevolent intentions and where they are in proximity to you so you can maneuver in a safer way.

It offers you feelings or understandings in response to your intentions and how to gravitate towards those people or situations that can assist you in your personal growth. You might notice that people feel safe and nurtured in your presence when you are connected to your higher self. This higher vibrational energy soothes the fear around you because you are connected to your spirit and that energy will transmute the lower frequencies of others around you. The universal law of transmutation states that high energy trumps low…every. single. time. As you trust your heart and are able to move in the flow of your spirit, your energy becomes more intense. It starts emanating from your being sending out greater life force energy, increasing your point of attraction. You may encounter those that want to feel as connected as you are, but you will quickly realize their inability to expand their own energy in such a powerful way. They are simply ensconced in operating from their lower chakras and are not ready to incorporate the wisdom from their higher chakras into their lives yet. They continue to believe that all of life plays out through their five senses. This is not a judgement. This is simply an indication of how they live life. It is not better or worse, it is more limiting, so they have to work harder to align with their dreams.

You will understand if you are able to guide them or if you should move on from them because they are not in a place to receive you and any insights you might have about their lives. This is where your discernment comes into play. We are not meant to help every person that crosses our path. Many will be attracted to our light, but we are not equipped to help all of them. When we are connected to our spirit, we hold the space for others to connect into their spirit. Sometimes they only need a moment in our energy to breathe and feel possibility again in their lives or perhaps those seconds with us will enable them to get a creative idea from their higher self that will take them in a new direction. Trust the process, the universe has a plan. How do you know when they need you? They will ask. Their guides will nudge them to connect with us in more profound way. Offering anything before that spoken agreement will fall of deaf ears. We all have to be ready to move our lives in a positive direction and sometimes that takes time: days, weeks, months, years of living in a limiting way before we can find the courage to change the course of our lives. That moment of knowing someone is suffering is not enough to assist them. They will give us permission to help them when they own their pain or discontent by asking for our help.

Trust that your being can expand and feel the world around you and know what to do with that information. Believe there is more to you than what you can see, hear, feel, taste and touch. Appreciate your spirit for being able to assist you in a dense world and lift you to greater heights through your connection. You are a magnificent being! Trust that you are protected. When you move out into the world with your heart and arms wide open, you are signaling to the universe that you are ready to receive the abundance she offers, and so mote it be.

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