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Law of Attraction

Updated: Apr 2

The Law of Attraction states that “our thoughts, feelings, words and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies”. -Dr. Nora Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune from the book The Light Shall Set You Free.

To nutshell you, it basically states that what’s happening inside the mind and heart directs the energy outside in life through speech and action. Most of us familiar with this law would endorse it whole heartedly when we think of the positive things in life we want to create. However, this universal law works in both directions, meaning you will create (i.e. experience) both positive and negative consequences to your thoughts and feelings depending on what you are thinking and feeling about.

In order to become cognizant of the thoughts we’re thinking, we need to get clear on what we believe. This law would ask you to notice if what you think you believe is the experience you’re having around a given topic or area in your life. I’m going to cue you here and remind you that what happens on the outside is always a reflection of the inside.

Moving out of the theoretical and into reality

I’ll take a hot topic everyone can relate to: MONEY. We all want it. It has a lot of power in life as it can give us the ability to make choices with our resources as opposed to feeling restricted due to economic hardship. Let’s take a little look-see into the mind of the average Joe and see if he truly holds the energy of abundance.

What he thinks he believes: I got this. I know that money makes me happy. I work hard and pay my debts. I know how to compensate when I overspend, so I don’t have to go into debt to cover my expenses. I feel like I have a good relationship with money.

His thoughts around his real-world interaction with money: First of the month and my rent is due. I have to write a big check for that. Ouch! Got to now pay the rest of my bills. Yikes! My account is taking a hit!

Need to go to the grocery store: I’ll just buy a few things. I don’t need to make big meals this week, just a couple of packs of ramen to get me through until my next paycheck. I know I need more veggies in my diet, but produce is expensive. I won’t spend the extra money.

My dog started throwing up. What’s wrong with her? She needs to go to the vet, how much will that cost? When it rains it pours!!

Anybody else feeling the noose around his neck tightening as the purse strings get sinched? As he relates to his money practically in life, the energy he actually holds is scarcity.

Time to adjust the ‘tude

The difference in wanting to experience abundance and experiencing abundance is how shift your thoughts. That’s your work. Wanting more money isn’t enough. Thought with no action behind it keeps it in the etheric realm. Meditating on feeling abundant isn’t enough. Meditation generates energy and moves you into alignment but continuing to stay in that Zen place when the shit hits the fan is another story. Making more money isn’t enough. Why? Because if your dominant belief around money is scarcity, something will always crop up to take the money coming in. In order to experience more abundance, you must direct your thoughts towards feeling satiated and appreciative AND make the adjustments to move back into that energy when life challenges you. This is what it means to hold the vibrational energy of what you want to experience. The rule of thumb with Universal laws is that you must go first. You must carry (or hold) the energy of what you want to experience in all ways in order to see that energy demonstrated to you in your life.

Take two for Joe: Outer

Paid my rent! YASS! I took care of my one of basic needs. I feel blessed to have the resources to pay my bills. (He is appreciative of his work ethic and that he has a job.)

I’m going to make a concerted effort to stay on my list at the grocery store, because sometimes I get carried away. My nutrition matters to me, so spending money on fresh food is a must. I’ll keep it simple by using my veggies to dress up some ramen dishes this week! (He values his health and realizes sacrificing his well-being isn’t an option. That is, if he doesn’t have high blood pressure as there is a tad of salt in ramen).

Gotta get my pup to the vet! I hope it won’t cost a lot. I’ll check out their financial policy to see if payments are an option should the costs start to add up. (Asking for support by checking into payment plans allows his costs to be covered and his needs to be met without going into more debt. Good job Joe!)

How to shift your thoughts

We all feel the influx and outflow of resources. Energy is always in motion and like it or not everything consists of energy. How we respond to that internally sets the agenda of what we will experience. It’s natural to go into fear when we get scared, but it’s also our responsibility to figure out what activated that fear and find ways to move out of it as quickly as we can.

Connecting the dots of what you’re experiencing in your world and the beliefs you hold about that issue is how to go about transforming any negative situation in your life. The “when I have “X,” I will be “Y” way of doing life isn’t viable because it goes against the nature of energy. The universe is always responding to the energy you hold. The “as I am “X,” I will experience “Y” is the name of the game. A poker face will not work with universe as it reads and responds to vibration alone. By paying attention to what is working in your life and finding ways to make peace with what isn’t working you attract more positive experiences. “To have and to hold” really should be “to hold is to have”. I don’t like to gamble, but this is one bet in which I would encourage you to go all in!

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