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The Ripple Effect: Words have power, and so do thoughts

Updated: Apr 2

Have you ever imagined a different life for yourself? Do you spend a little time fantasizing? Do you ruminate on past experiences until the pain is once again real? Where do these thoughts go when you’ve wallowed long enough? Most of them (or a version of them) travel into the astral plain where they wait for other thoughts to join them and gain enough strength to make their way into your reality. Huh?

From an energetic stance, thoughts do not appear and then disappear if they are not acted upon.

Thoughts, once thunk, go into the energy bodies surrounding the physical body. Depending on their strength and clarity, they can influence those around them in powerful ways. “The mental thoughtform works through the most powerful element of the human spirit: the will.”[1]

When we think thoughts and combine emotion with those thoughtforms they gain in power. Those thoughts can generate enough energy to bring them into your reality via your determination to experience them. These thoughts can also influence others depending on their strength. The thoughts created from this energy move beyond the person who generated these thoughtforms and can influence those around them, if they are resonating within the same frequency. Think about having your radio tuned to 99 fm. Anyone also tuning into that frequency could hear and be affected by what was being broadcasted. Energy works exactly like this!

Feeling good If, for example, I am inspired by a piece of music or artwork and my heart is filled with joy and appreciation, my mind might wander to my fulfilling relationships. As I am in that feeling of love and thinking positively about my relationships, this energy emanates from me and moves into the world to influence all those around me that also are in appreciation, feeling inspired by those they value. This is a vibrational frequency. Anyone vibrating or moving their energy in that same frequency would be susceptible to the energy generated by my powerful thoughts. For another person it manifests via a pet that they suddenly want to pick up and love on. A teacher in a nearby school might tune into her students and muse with great satisfaction that a new concept introduced days earlier has just been integrated by the young minds she influences. Anything near the vibrational frequency of that energy generated by a thought and feeling combined begins to transcend our personal energy field and move out into the world affecting the collective consciousness. This is feeling good, right? So good in fact, let’s travel south from the heart to the desire body and see what else we can think about.

Feeling sexy Let’s say you are feeling physically attracted to a specific person, thinking about them in desirous ways. Once you are imagining them in different scenarios and those thoughts are joined with feelings of desire it holds greater power. How clear you are with your intentions makes those thoughts razor sharp and ready to penetrate the energy of the object of your desire, or anyone nearby resonating with that frequency. This might show up in your experience by suddenly having people flirting with you that pop out of the woodwork! They are tuning in and responding to your shared desire vibe.

This thoughtform has the power to replicate in its original state in those around that also have the exact same set of conditions as you do, or they could vary depending on the desire activated in the people around you. As this energy moves around it could activate in someone else’s desires that are a bit more sinister in nature.

Feeling envious In energy work we speak of psychic attacks. This is feeling the negative energy a person is directing towards you. They are envious or jealous of what you have and begin to think negative thoughts about you. The best way I know to describe this feeling is to suddenly feel daggers in your energy. It is often surprising, and you might look around to see where the sudden threat is coming from. Perhaps that person is not in your physical presence, but usually your higher self will let you know who it is by suddenly seeing their face or being given their name (if it is someone you know).

The thought police? Thoughts feels pretty random, but energy does not disappear, it can only change form. It can dissipate in power and strength i.e. reach, if you are aware enough to change direction and think different thoughts. If you are tuning in and recognize that you are musing about people and situations in ways that would fulfill immediate desires but negatively impact you long term, then by course correcting you are shifting its power to create in your reality. As in the example above, if I am desiring more passion and enjoy thoughts of engaging with others in passionate ways…could I channel that energy into my life in ways that would enhance my life, instead of blow it up? If I am wanting what someone else is living, then how can I find my own path to that experience?

Understanding that our thoughts have power makes it even more imperative to keep our thoughts with the best of who we are (higher selves) instead of the worst of who we are (selfish desires). Not one to leave my readers in the lurch, I’ll share one way one of my teacher’s Judy Potter gave us in a recent lecture at Delphi University….

Meditate first thing in the morning! When you start your day by aligning your energy with your God source and the best part of you, you naturally keep your thoughts throughout the day vibrating at a higher, clearer level. As like attracts like, you will not be available for the lower frequencies being broadcasted each day. Your channels will be attuned to your well-being, and you will draw to you experiences that resonate with that vibration. I won’t say be careful what you think, but I’ll think it and see if you pick up on that vibe!

If you are interested in reading more about this topic, a great resource that I used is “The Power and use of Thought” by C.W. Leadbeater.

[1] “Etheric body, astral body and beyond: The invisible bodies of the human being,”

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