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Splitting Prisms

Remember jumping rope on the playground? Two kids (usually tall ones) would swing the ropes setting the cadence of the game. We would study and memorize the rhythm as the ropes slapped the pavement creating a beat that we would attempt to replicate in our body. Then, just at the right moment:  ready, set, GO we would jump in!

Hard falls complete with skinned knees taught us the value of syncing with others. This is the foundation of frequency alignment, and if you have fond memories of yesteryear, now is the time to put them to good use.  

We, as a collective are beginning to recognize that we are the authority of our lives. There is no one else educated or trustworthy enough to determine our truth. We are seeing the value in claiming our sovereignty and determining the course of our destiny. It has been in the works for quite some time, and with this newfound acceptance of it, we are taking responsibility for ourselves.  

Part of the learning (especially for us empaths who are prone to anxiety when others experience discomfort) involves increasing our window of tolerance. This is our ability to withstand the uneasiness that accompanies our pushing our perceived limits further out so that new possibilities have some wiggle room. This new energy pattern or parallel reality is largely due to redefining what we believe “our responsibility” to mean.

In the past, the word responsibility has implied a lack of choice or freedom. It was synonymous with something forced upon us creating a sense of duty gifted from the external world. We graciously assumed the guilt that reinforced those messages of our worthiness being reliant on our ability to capitulate to the will of others. Now is the time to unravel those mixed messages and turn those soft whispers from our soul into our battle cry.

Responsibility now can be understood to mean a call to respond to a specific need we feel strongly about. In order to accurately assess how to move with that sense of urgency, it is imperative that we leave our guilt and any associations with fear behind and focus instead on how love can inspire us. The feeling in the body that translates inspiration for us is passion. When we are passionate about doing something, we can trust that it is ultimately going to serve our growth. Our response to that energy force is also called free will and with it we can navigate the deceptive waters of love and control. Real love defies boundaries and limits. It cannot be compartmentalized. It never asks us to play small or within the limits of another’s expectation. When we feel obligation and resentment, we are getting emotional indicators that we are taking on a responsibility that another person has defined for us. In that case, it is their will we are serving, not our own.

This discovery offers us a few options. We can remove ourselves from that experience or we can expand our level of acceptance and tolerance of them and maintain our connection to them. This is when our skills at double dutching come into play. We get to sense their rhythm and join in or realize that we cannot sustain it without experiencing an injury. We then can choose to continue to observe from the sidelines and wait for something more palatable to come along without holding any judgments of them.  

“Without judgment” is key as it moves us out of their game and allows us to be available to discover our own. If we are not motivated by their actions and responses, then we are not affected by their actions and responses. We get to keep our own tempo and move with our unique beat. We can feel free to wander around the playground and look for games that make us feel alive and help us to discover new abilities.

When we are participating freely with others, our emotions flow. The other kids feel at ease with us allowing for genuine connection. There are also times we may feel like we are stuck on a base in a game of kickball and start creating chaos in order to break free. We understand from a human stance that we chose this activity but are confused as to why we are not scoring at life. We might then question our ability to rely on our instincts. Don’t panic. This is the universe’s way of redirecting our course. We are learning that we can trust our wisdom and must continue to tune inward to sense the right moment to steal a base or wait for the right kicker to show up and bring us home. We have done the work. We are ready. We are already living our choices daily. If we are unhappy with our life, it is incumbent upon us to choose something else. Only we hold the power to create in our reality and now with this new awareness being ushered in, we see that there are many realities that are happening simultaneously.

Folks, we already know how to move in and out of these realities. We reference this notion in our speech with phrases like “dodging a bullet” or “catching a lucky break.”  It is not luck; it is our ability to change our perceptions and permit the deviation that will then take us to a better existence. When we accept others as they are, we instinctively feel if they hold any motivations that are contrary to our own. As our desire meets this new definition of responsibility, we can choose to collaborate with the people that match our beliefs. We keep the knowledge that we can change our beliefs at any point should we find ourselves to be in unpleasant or unpreferred situations firmly in our back pocket. We use the hard-won lessons of our pasts to birth the new desires for our futures. To anchor these concepts back to the lighter energy of play, allow me to leave those of us that enjoyed our days of recess in the schoolyard jump roping to the beat of…

Lady, Lady Touch the Ground

Lady, lady, touch the ground

Lady, lady, turn around

Turn to the east, and turn to the west

And choose the direction you like best…

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