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'Self-Love' Is The First Step Towards 'True Love'

Updated: Apr 2

LimaOscar Victor Echo

In my experience with learning universal laws, these concepts are introduced in some way such as through books, conversations, my articles, etc. and then integrated by us through our daily exchanges with others in order to gain a broader perspective. One topic that is challenging for empaths is the notion of true love. We believe are doing everything we can think of to show others that we care about them only to find that we are not always receiving their love in return. What are we doing wrong?

Lover, partner, best friend, come in:

Is anybody out there capable of loving you in the ways that you desire? Where exactly are you on the love scale? I am not speaking of romantic love only, but we’ll get there. I want you to call to mind the friends, family, pets etc. that you love and consider how you experience their love. To make this exercise more dynamic, write it down so you can see in black and white how you are co creating these relationships with the universe. Create two columns on a piece of paper with column one being the names of the people you love and column two being the ways that you feel their love.

These are the low hanging fruit relationships. These are people or creatures that are already in your life that can help you to better understand exactly what you need to do in order to receive the greatest love of all. Does their effort match your expectations? If the answer is yes, then list how they show it. If the answer is no, then note what more you want to experience with them.

Stand by empath:

We now want to pinpoint the exact energy that needs to shift in order to increase the love force in your life. I’m asking you to examine your beliefs and actions as you are the source of your power. Mark out each name on your list and replace it with your own name (pretty sneaky, huh?!). From an energetic stance you cannot experience anything from others that you do not currently hold in your own energetic makeup. Take this new list of love demands and ask yourself one simple question: how do I demonstrate this energy to myself? (Be honest!)

Read you loud and clear universe:

If you need for others to share their loving feelings with you, you must already be having these heartfelt conversations via your self-talk. If you have a penchant for self-deprecation, chances are high that others will criticize you as well. Be kind to yourself about yourself in both public and private. The universe sees all.

Want that someone who appreciates what you bring to the partnership? Do you cherish your own gifts and talents? Taking one another for granted is commonplace in long-term relationships, but that does not mean we have to accept it. If you cannot recognize what you offer another person, how are they supposed to treasure you? Know your worth!

Want more of their time? Take a gander at your schedule and see if you have penciled in some personal time devoted to your interests. Do you actively seek activities that enrich your life? When people speak about their passions their vitality picks up. Energetically they raise the vibe of the room, and it feels good! Because we naturally like feeling this way, we look forward to seeing them and do not resist making time for them. Take the time to discover what makes you feel alive because that energy is contagious!

Want to feel like you are the center of their universe? (We are probably on the same page by now.) Be the center of your own world, fill your voids, and love yourself above everybody else. This can only be your job as you are the only one in your body with a direct connection to your heart.


We can easily slip into in a codependent relationship, giving to others without taking our own needs into account. When we back burner our needs, we send the vibrational call out to everyone within a 100-mile radius to do the same. It may not be a conscious action on our part, but universal laws do not consider that to be a necessary part of the equation. They are banking on our ability to comprehend that feeling good is essential to experiencing more joy and love in our life. After all, why would we participate in any other type of exchange? Our human nature tempts us to believe that we must earn being loved by another and that sacrifice is simply a side effect to that end. Know that the greatest love of all is the love we can offer ourselves. When this is done in a way that makes us feel whole, then all of those people in that 100-mile radius will get the go ahead to make contact and will match us in effort.

Since my move to Virginia, I’m vibing with the state motto: Virginia is for lovers! Valentine’s day is around the corner, and I’d like to offer one lucky winner a chance to increase the love vibe of their home.
Send me a photo of your love and marriage area of your home to and I will select a submission to help you bring that space into balance using the principles of Feng Shui, and offer you ideas on how to support this energy in your home.
The love and marriage area in a home is located in the back right area on your floorplan (this is the photo you need to submit) . It resonates with fire energy, holds the softest yin energy of the entire house and rules relationships of all kinds.

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