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Ready to Turn Up The Volume of Your Intuition?

Updated: Apr 2

As we were getting ready to find a good breakfast place this morning my partner had a fleeting image in his head of his long underwear. He stepped out onto our patio and decided he only needed a light jacket to stay warm. As we made our way down the tree lined streets towards the restaurant, the grey clouds overtook the sun and the small amount of warmth it was offering. Feeling a chill, he then said to me that he had had an inkling earlier that he should wear more layers and wished he had listened.

This is how it goes sometimes. We get these impressions and ignore them thinking that they are crazy thoughts. It’s frustrating, because we actually are getting good information, only to discover later that we should have listened to our guidance. Why doesn’t intuition make a bigger impression? What can we do to turn up the volume when this soft unassuming voice whispers its wisdom?

Each experience we have in life carries a range of frequency. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say an experience carries a range from 1-5: 5 being the highest, most joyous and exciting option, and one being the lowest, most humdrum. Anything we experience must match our personal frequency as it is one of the natural laws of the universe known as the law of attraction.

On most days we fall somewhere in the middle, around 3. This is because our thoughts center around what we expect to happen. They are focused on our knowns. This is the knowledge we have based on our past. This is what keeps our vibe fairly consistent making our lives appear to be stable. When a weird thought pops into our mind, we should note what is happening at the time. What were we thinking about? What were we doing? Intuition pops in when our mind is busy doing something that does not require our attention, like washing dishes or driving a car. When our mind is occupied with a habitual task, our energy relaxes and expands allowing new information from a larger perspective to seep in. Recently my partner was planning a trip to Europe to travel with his daughter. Several times I tried to figure out how to join him and could not seem to make it work. I finally resigned myself to staying stateside. I say resigned, but really I surrendered. Then out of the blue I connected with a former French Professor who is teaching abroad this summer and long story short… I’m going to France. Suddenly the path to meeting my paramour (my partner, not my professor) is wide open. How? I stopped trying to make my pieces fit with his adventure and pursued one of my own. Once I let go of what I thought was supposed to happen, I could relax and let my spirit lead me where she knew we would flourish.

If a crazy idea comes to mind when you are doing a rote task… pay attention. If someone mentions something to you and you can’t stop thinking about it… that’s intuition beckoning you forward. Intuition won’t quit you. When we are thinking about certain topics, we are focusing our thoughts in a specific way. Our intention is to experience the energy in the way we expect to. It is impossible for new information to permeate our awareness under these circumstances. (More 3 please) When we follow the unknown (hmmm, 4) … we open up to greater possibility (5!). Since we don’t have experience with that, we can often become fearful.

This is a pivotal point; if we talk ourselves out of the new idea, it ends there. If we can play with idea, and feel our way through it, it can lead to more ideas. How does the idea make us feel? Free, light, excited? That’s a keep going directive from your guidance. Heavy, sick to your stomach, anxious? That’s a slow your roll from your guidance. Setting our intention, sets the frequency of our expectations and attracts experiences in that range to us. If we open our mind up to possibility (4) we create openings for our frequency to increase. When it increases so too does our point of attraction. When we judge our thoughts (that’s a stupid idea!), we lower our frequency (4…3…2..1), thereby narrowing our chances to receive new and different information, eliminating the bends in the road. So, practice not judging those hair brained ideas!

Intuition will always prove itself. It rarely makes sense at the time (that’s a clue) but eventually it becomes clear. This is because we have no frame of reference for the greater possibility that has wetted our appetite. At the time my partner mentioned my joining him abroad, I came up with a lot of reasons why now was not the best time for me to go (2). But once I opened up to polishing my French (4), possibilities flooded my life. (5,5,5,5!) Au revoir 1 vibe!

Finding ways to acknowledge these experiences when they happen actually builds our confidence in receiving the messages. As we pat ourselves on the back for receiving the information, instead of chastising ourselves for not picking up on it in time, we change our frequency. As we let our imagination take these new ideas and run as far and wide as it can, we change our possibilities. We elevate our vibration demonstrating in our thoughts and words that we are capable of receiving psychic impressions. We are setting our intention now to recognize these impressions and incorporate them into our life. Was that loud enough?

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