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Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

Updated: Apr 2

I attended an event over the weekend that struck a chord deep within my being: the celebration of a young couple’s marriage.

The whole evening was surreal as I watched the love everyone held for these two families climax reaching its peak and exploding as the music started playing and tribal movement took over.

The room felt electric as women of all ages started tuning into their unique rhythm and allowing it to overtake their bodies while simultaneously stomping out any lingering bits of self-consciousness with each beat. There were men dancing as well and many of them could cut a rug, but they could not hold a candle to the fire emanating from these women moving in sync with their spirit!

Women are magnificent! We are gentle and loving and kind. We are fierce and bold and ruthless. We use our intuition to sense when a touch, a word, or a look of understanding is needed in each moment. We can feel rhythm in our bodies and allow our hips to move to the beat that our heart keeps. We can sync with those around us, and we can do our own thang. Our hearts will be the biggest place you will ever explore if we choose to take you in.

Our superpower is sensing the divine within us and giving ourselves permission to direct that knowing into the world around us. We must be fearless to allow this transformation to take place because it demands authenticity and honesty. None of us will walk away unscathed. In fact, we can feel in our bones we are not meant to. We understand that the only way to truly be powerful in life is to be so deeply connected to others as this provides the greatest landscape for growth. It is only in the mirror that others hold up for us that we can truly see who we are. The closer we get, the hotter the flame and those flames are worth the scars they leave on our bodies and in our hearts.

If you feel lost these days due to the chaos in the world…. good. You are one step closer to your spirit. Pack your shoulders and open your heart chakra. Nobody grows through osmosis. Growth is about integrating the new energies your soul seeks to hold. Your vulnerability will keep you connected to your spirit and that will guide you through your dark moments.

Stay flexible.

You must be ready to follow your guidance at a moment’s notice and that might not look like validation from the people around you. You are intuiting something bigger that only your Spidey sense can pick up on. Don’t worry, trust you. This is go time and soon the evidence of what you feel to be true will be demonstrated in your physical experience. You must have these sandpaper moments because sister, your edges need softening. When you have boundaries, hold boundaries, and you can still blend with others, you shine your brightest. That light attracts others to you and not all of them will honor who you are. They can sense its power and do not yet know how to hold it in their own energy fields, so the pull to you is strong. In these moments you are listening with your psychic hearing to discover if their words match their intentions and if those intentions are in lockstep with your value system. When they are out of alignment, you will feel that. Always trust your body because it will not betray you.

Our goal is never to define who we are by focusing on our differences, rather the goal is to know, to feel, and to sense that we are all connected. What I do to you, I do to me AND what I do to me, I do to you. When I love you with abandon it can only be because I accept me in all my shame and glory. My mind and heart are congruent. So, with an open heart, strong mind and flexible body I say to life “bring it on!” Happy Birthday Rumble! I raise my glass to all of you that have shared your wisdom, your gifts and your blessings with the women that needed them. Tchin, f**king Tchin!!

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