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What is Being in Message Alignment?

A: I want to be a good swimmer. Do you have any advice on how to manifest that?

B: Well, I would think you would start by swimming every day and perfecting the mechanics of each stroke. Did you swim today?

A: No, I couldn’t fit it in and besides, I know what to do, so what’s the point of practicing every day? When I am preparing for a meet, I definitely make the effort to get to the pool. B: So, basically you want to be good at swimming, get in the water when you feel inspired and meet your goal in record time. Is that right?

A: yeah, I guess so. B: Sounds like you might be manifesting being a good lifeguard, instead of a good swimmer! This story illustrates the idea of message alignment perfectly! We often speak of what we want to experience, but when push comes to shove…it isn’t what we demonstrate with our actions. From an energetic stance, this splits our energy, flowing less energy to the dream we are hoping to manifest. We might get into the ballpark, but the fullness of the desire we are hoping to experience, is diminished.

Close, but no cigar…

How do we know when we are half assing our dreams into reality? The way we feel about our creation. When there is a shoulder shrug in response to a desire or that dreaded “hmmm” when asked how we feel, it’s an indication. We also know we are missing the mark when what we are living is subpar compared to what we hope to live. If we pay attention, we can begin to assess our effort and see how we are truly flowing our energy into our “dreams.”

To practice this concept, start with something small, like the topic of healthy eating. Keep a log each day for a week to note what you are consuming. At the end of the week, look at the food choices you made. Does that notebook hold the recipe for a healthy human?

We could also take a metaphysical concept like meditation. Perhaps you want to bring more peace into your life and feel this is way to connect with your higher self. How much time, (if any) do you spend tuning inward? It doesn’t have to be sitting on the floor with your eyes closed in order to be considered meditation. But it does mean a daily practice of connecting with your spirit in a state of surrender as opposed to directing your thoughts with youragenda in mind. If this feels too overwhelming or you just can’t squeeze in an extra five minutes for your practice, then this isn’t a goal you’re ready to commit to and reap the rewards from. Own it! It doesn’t make you less spiritual, it makes you someone who isn’t prepared to have a daily meditation practice. Nothing more, nothing less.

The big kahuna…

Once you have the hang of this with ideas you can manifest in a relatively short span of time, move on to larger concepts.

Let’s take relationships. Our new goal is to attract a healthy partner. Now this feels a little murkier on account of we now must rely on someone else to be a part of our vision. Hang loose (as my mother would say). Your power is always with you, so let’s focus on the part you can control. We start the manifestation in the same way. We state the desire. We envision what it would feel like to be a part of a healthy dynamic. And once we are in that feel good place, we imagine what he or she will be like. I’m going to cue you here and remind you that attracting anything requires you hold the dominant vibration first.

So, make that list of the qualities this heartthrob needs to have to make your dreams come true! (You’re off to a stellar start!) Next, (a little trickier…) go through that same list and check off all the qualities you yourself actually have from that list. Et voilà! That modified list based on the personal qualities you demonstrate is the partner you are currently able to attract to you!

Upping the ante…

Not happy with the caliber of guy or gal you’re rendezvous-ing with? This is where message alignment comes in. Take another gander at that list. Did you sneak something onto that list that you cannot claim in your own being? If, for example you have “fit” on your list, are you in shape? What are you doing to improve your physicality?

Perhaps you have generosity on your tally sheet. Is being generous with others a dominant vibration in your energetic makeup? We all like to think we are generous but look at where you withhold your energy from another and determine if that can transform.

Maybe you want more passion from a partner. What are you passionate about? If you do not know what lights your own fire, how do you appreciate a person with a Zippo in his/her pocket? We cannot simply apply these ideas to the one arena of “relationships” as all energy connects. The energy we hold overall determines our point of attraction, so dot those I’s and cross those T’s. If you happen to be passionate about your work or even baking in your spare time, it counts! It’s the feeling that magnetizes that energy to you.

I can see clearly now…

Johnny Nash belts it out best by noting how to create a sunshiny day…clarity. In order to get clear, we need to connect the dots between our words and our actions. When we do this as a practice, we will start flowing all of our energy into our manifestations seeing those blues skies and knowing we are giving our dreams the very best of our intentions in both word and deed.

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