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Updated: Apr 2

“When they go low, we go high”-Michelle Obama

Protecting the heart is something I think we all do, perhaps more than we realize. We think that if we are careful and are not vulnerable, we will avoid pain. My guidance suggests that this thinkin’ is back asswards (pardon my French). The risk involved in opening the heart is where the spirit most yearns to go. Any pain that comes through this journey is part of the expansion process. How do we know what or who we love if we don’t have anything to compare it to? Contrast is invaluable. Yes, uncomfortable, but when we finally get a taste of something that makes our heart skip a beat, there is absolutely NOTHING more delicious!

What’s up with the armor? Shielding the heart happens naturally when there is loss. It allows us to continue to do life and deal with painful experiences in increments. If we do not process our emotions, energetically we seal the pain in the physical body. Energy will not flow in and out of the heart chakra freely leading to health issues related to the physical heart. Rejection is a subcategory here, as this can lead to shielding the heart when we take what people do personally. If the voices of others are louder and more influential than our own, we will accept when they treat us poorly bearing the responsibility for their words or actions. It’s a form of manipulation whereby they are stating boldly “How I feel matters more than how you feel.”

Why they go low When we humans experience unbearable pain that we cannot absorb or transmute, we project it onto others. We do to them the very thing we cannot fathom being done to us. We say to another what we feel about ourselves. As souls, we are always seeking to transform and heal. We give ourselves countless opportunities to be involved with those that can render us speechless and bring us to our knees. When we seek to understand the core of who we are, we rise up stronger and more determined than ever to live life to the fullest.

Why we go high There always comes a time when we need to discern if we are involved with someone that depletes our energy. If we can accept that their words and actions are a reflection of their fear, then we can understand that joining them in that fear only makes it bigger as like attracts like. Fear is a low vibrational force. So, as we choose instead to value who we are, we create the energy needed to extend it outward to that person standing before us.

Your higher self would pose this question: Are you ready, willing and able to absorb another’s pain in order to help them find their way back to their spirit? Can you honor their choices and choose to love and support them without making it about you? Point blank: Can you watch this train wreck and keep your balance while staying connected to your spirit? It can be hard to see someone suffer and not reach in and pull them out of their dysfunction. So, choose not to look through your human eyes. See their soul. See them as strong capable beings and believe that they are walking the very path that will lead them to fulfilling their destiny.

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