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Little White Lies

Updated: Apr 2

We have all told little white lies at some point in our lives, feeling like we had no alternative. We found ourselves face to face with people that play an important role in our lives and our “truth” was nowhere near the surface. Are these half-truths, exaggerations, harmless untruths, or partial truths damaging?

Our voice is our most powerful communicator in the physical world. It has a unique vibration, and it sends a signal to others that vibrates in their frequency. The way our frequencies clash or harmonize determines the true nature of our connection not only with those around us, but ultimately with ourselves.

When I clear space in a home, I ask the homeowner to clean their home before I arrive. Picking up clutter and removing dust and dirt elevates the energy in a home. To set our intention for healing, I like to set up a small sacred space on a table or countertop. To it I add a vase of flowers, a candle and my abalone shell as the shell is a safe way to burn a small bundle of sage. I walk around waving the smoke of the sage in corners and closets in an effort to clear any dank energy. Once I finish moving through the whole house with the sage, I walk back through again with my Bali bell. As I ring it, I am listening for a clear sense of a definite pitch from the bell. When the clapper bounces around, the natural frequency of the bell decreases creating a muffled sound. This is an indication that there is heavy energy in a space.

I have worked with my tools enough to understand that if I continue to ring the bell, the stagnation eventually breaks up revealing the bells natural pitch once more. The sticky energy moves out and the space feels brighter and more lively. This is the energy in a home that we want in order to nurture and heal the homeowners. The denser energy is chaotic and interferes with a person’s ability to feel their own sense of well-being. People begin to question their choices and fall into a depression if they stay in this type of energy for long periods of time. The heightened energy from the bell raises the frequency of the space simply by being true to its instrument. The same holds true for human beings. When we are our natural selves and speak with our hearts, our voice will ring out loud and clear and resonate deeply with those around us. When we say anything that is out of alignment with our integrity we can feel the discordance in our body. We feel an emptiness inside as the words we speak reverberate unable to land authentically on the people around us. Because our words and our true motivations are not in alignment they create a lower frequency. We might stumble around with our message unable to accurately describe how we truly feel.

Maybe we are also hoping that we can trust our own words. But we know — even when others do not — that sometimes we are omitting our truth. If the people we are engaged with are not interested in our true feelings, it will go unnoticed. If, however they are people we are deeply connected to, then they will feel uneasy with us. Those meaningless statements we utter to spare feelings and avoid confrontations erode trust. Others may not necessarily be able to put their finger on it in the moment, but their body will tighten, and they may grow silent as they try to make sense of what is amiss. Their spirit searches for other times that they felt that energy and a picture of your true connection with them begins to emerge.

“But it was harmless! What’s the big deal?!” It is a B.F.D in the world of energy. Energetically, we are all connected, so whatever happens to you essentially happens to me. If I lie to you, then there is certainty that I lie to myself. That is probably the most dangerous part of these falsehoods. They open up the energetic pathway for the energy to move in both directions. These untruths have unwittily put you at risk for self-deception as it is now your knowing your own truth that is on the line. If you continue with this little habit, you will grow accustomed to living in this energy and at some point your world will unravel.

The soul is always seeking the highest vibration possible and that frequency matches love. Thoughts that do not align with self-love are reflected back to you in the actions of others. It is one way the universe uses them to help you get a clear sense of who you are. Those small lies that have amassed over the years in your energy field will come before your inner judge, and you will have to decipher what is real and true for yourself. Your world of half-truths has changed your true frequency contracting your energy leaving you only to attract a portion of the good in life that is possible. You may experience a mid-life crisis as the old tricks and tactics that once made inroads in your world will cease to get the responses that satiate, and the search for new meaning in your life will move to the forefront. I understand that the people we love at times might be fragile and a harsh truth might send them over the edge. I am not advocating that we intentionally cause pain and suffering. I am also not advocating that we intentionally spare pain and suffering. Sometimes, those honest moments are a direct path to healing. If we cannot be ourselves with those we love, then maybe we are not in relationships that are healthy for us or perhaps we need to rework the way that we relate to our loved ones. Choose to be at peace, rather than keep the peace. Know that when you face challenges in your life you want to use your inner compass to lead you forward. You are banking on being able to connect with your heart and allow her to guide you towards making good decisions. You want to be brave enough to feel your truth and own it with others. You do not need to censor yourselves in order to be loved and accepted. You can take up space in the world and dare to be honest knowing that those meant to receive you will feel your true frequency and love themselves enough to echo it back.

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