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Law of Attraction

Updated: Apr 2

As human beings we exist in this third dimensional reality, running our experiences through our five senses and our perceptions. Our way of thinking is conditioned by our past experiences. When we use only the evidence of what we are currently living as our guide, we start to believe that this life that we’ve created is all that’s available for us and that life can be hard. What if I told you that more exists, and we can align with more if we are willing to be open to a new possibility? Would you want that? Ladies and gents, step into the world of co creating with the universe. Without further ado….

Act one: Imagine that you are writing a play. There is a plot, characters, and dialogue to get down on paper. You know that you must throw in a little conflict in order to make it interesting. Who doesn’t love drama? You spend time thinking about the problems your characters need to solve. You present your emotions and ideas through your characters as they come to life on stage with their issues driving those dramatic elements in separate scenes and acts. Those themes will play out repeatedly on stage and affect them according to the genre you choose, be it comedy, tragedy, thriller, etc. This, dear audience, is life on earth.

Act two: If you want to see a new play on the stage of your life, you must create a new script. As you spend time imagining what would make your life exciting and worthy of a Tony, your plot takes shape. Should you choose to zero in on problems, the characters causing tension and conflict will develop more fully and move to the center stage of your life. When you play to your strengths and stick to what you love, you will develop trust in the process and allow for a little universal improvisation. Staying present and creating dialogue around the good parts of your life allows you to invite new players to enter stage left. These people are an energetic match to you, making these castmates members of your soul tribe. These divinely timed interactions happen more frequently to offer you the support needed to make the necessary changes for a stronger more powerful performance guaranteeing you the role of a lifetime.

Act three: How long does it take to develop your amazing show? It varies depending on how much time you have invested in making the key elements of your drama work together. Back in the day it took a long time to create in our dense three-dimensional reality. Nowadays as more people are taking their focus off of separateness and placing it onto oneness, they are increasing the life force energy running through their physical body making them a conduit of energy. This raises their overall vibration, so things happen quickly when they show up and believe you me, change is not too far behind. This can feel stressful or scary, as it is different. Different isn’t good or bad. By identifying challenging situations as different instead of hard, you lower your resistance, enabling you to free your characters from anticipated outcomes.

Seeing your life as a play on a stage is a great way to disconnect from what is, and open to what could be. Detach from knowing the outcome and choose instead to remain on the edge of your seat. You don’t have to like every show. But you can learn from each performance about what pleases you and build on that storyline. A playwright uses his/her imagination as their superpower to draw us into their experience. We all have that same gift. We are all divinely guided and can create whatever life we can imagine. Think of your new story, feel it in your body to determine if it is in keeping with your heart, and follow your spirit into getting it off the stage and into your reality.

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