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How To Interpret Spirit World Messages

Updated: Apr 2

This morning I felt the presence of a spirit. They lightly touched my head. I was in the middle of doing something and did not ask any questions, thinking perhaps it was one of my guides just saying hello. A few minutes later, the same sensation swept across the back of my head again and this time I heard, “I need your help.”

I stopped and tuned into the energy to sense if it were an earthbound spirit that needed help in crossing over or if it were a spirit hoping to communicate with a loved one. I telepathically sent the message that I was available to help in any way I could and waited for my directions. Nothing came back right away, and I had the feeling that more was going to be revealed to me as my day unfolded. I continued on with my agenda which had me preparing to leave for an appointment.

It was during this appointment that I learned more about the connection between this spirit and his bestie. She and I were innocently talking about her dreams of a relationship when she mentioned her best friend that was no longer in the living. I then felt him again, which told me he was with us. She expressed how she had worried about him when he first died because she felt his presence around her so much that she assumed he had not gone into the light. She called one of her friends who is also a medium to help him cross over. She told me that he continues to visit her these days and when she feels him, she fondly recalls the things he used to say. When they come to mind, she smiles and then moves on with her life on earth, not asking any questions. Like me earlier that morning, she was missing the opportunity to learn more about the connection.

In speaking with her about her concerns around his passing I realize that many people worry that their loved one might not make it to heaven, or as I call it the other side. She read his wanting to connect with her after his passing as a sign of distress. In my experience, it is rare that a spirit will not automatically cross over. Death will never be understood or accepted by us as we are acutely aware of the separation of the physical and the nonphysical. But source energy is oneness. In oneness we are never separate, and our loved ones try in all in the ways they are able to send us messages of their existence after death. Sometimes we might even be able to look back on previous conversations leading up to their passing and remember odd things they mentioned or feel like somehow they were gently preparing us to live without them. My sense from what she described around his crossing was simply his wanting to let her know that he made it. He realized that she would be grieving his loss as she learned to live without his physical presence, but that he understood from his greater perspective that they would energetically be connected through the mutual love that they shared. This is the way of the spirit world. They have lives of their own, yet they visit us to convey messages of love and support as we learn to navigate tough times. He came to me to let me know that if I were able to create the energy that allowed her to share her concerns, I would be able to give her his message that a loving relationship was coming into her experience. This was something he could have conveyed directly to her if she knew that she could use the hello he sent her as a way to open up the conversation. It only requires wondering, who’s here with me and why?

Do not assume when you feel a presence around you that something is wrong. Tune into your intuition. When you feel a tingling on your head or goosebumps on your arm it might be a sign that there is someone there. Close your eyes and mentally ask who it is and what they might want you to know. Wait. The answers will come. All is well in our world and the next. Know that whatever we are experiencing in the moment is only temporary. The pain of losing a loved one never leaves us, but one day with time we will reconnect with the joy of life. And until we do, our loved ones in spirit remain vigilant in finding ways to tell us that they are only a thought away.

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