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How to Find Your Happy Place

Updated: Apr 2

I was speaking with a woman yesterday who mentioned that when she saw the people that had retired from her workplace, their faces seemed rejuvenated!

“It was not just one person,” she emphasized, “but all of them!” I felt that was a whisper from the universe guiding me towards change. I have recently been doing battle with the stressors in my life. My true feelings and the expectations of others are at war. We have all seen people that look almost giddy when they align their energy with their joy. What keeps us from doing that? And how can we shift it?

The present Step one should always be awareness. Noticing how we are reacting to our experiences is a powerful place to start as the present holds all of our power to choose our next step. I am not asking you to take any action at this point, but to simply…notice. This exercise alone will pull your focus out of your lower chakras and move your energy to those higher ones. The upper chakras hold the vision of our lives (sixth chakra), and the connection to universal forces (seventh chakra). The advantage of these places is that they offer insight to your soul journey. As we combine our intelligence with universal intelligence we find the support and inspiration to make choices that honor our spirit. The kicker is that the way to that information is always through the heart chakra. This is the energy center in the body that requires you to care about how you feel. Until you are ready to be your own advocate and take responsibility for creating the life you truly want to live, the universe’s hands are tied. We can get caught up in the belief that our tasks are more important than our peace and joy. We probably have people in our lives reflecting that notion back to us in order to create situations in which we must practice honoring our inner wisdom. Some of us may even be told in no uncertain terms that if we cannot perform to a certain level according to their standards, then we will lose our job or that relationship. This seemingly rock and hard place is a gift from the universe. If I am not enjoying my life and have no balance because of all the stress that I am living with, then why am I doing it? What is the payoff? I may get the promotion, the better pay, or the person etc., but at what cost to my physical and mental health? Is the job or relationship worth the dis-ease that will inevitably follow?

Your power Personal power comes from discovering our options in any situation and choosing the one that most aligns us with our value system. In truth, if we were to leave the earth tomorrow, do we believe that we cannot be replaced in the work that we do? Do we believe that the people we leave behind are destined to spend the remainder of their time on earth alone? It is our ego that keeps us in toxic situations for a myriad of reasons. Our time on earth is not guaranteed. It is incumbent upon us to care enough about our existence to be sure we are living our life and not the agenda of another. We hopefully figure out that we have to become an expert on our own hearts before we can truly be vulnerable with another. As we dare to dream of an extraordinary life, we activate that sixth chakra. When we give ourselves permission to go for that vision, the universe starts opening the door to that energy. How all of this unfolds can only be revealed when we align our energy with that dream.

TLC To be prepared for this change recognize that it is change. Meaning, you will be moving into a different energy and that will feel different. It can be uncomfortable in many ways, especially if we have not yet had the conversation with ourselves about what is about to happen. Our spirit knows, our mind suspects, having now connected with our vision, but our body? She is clueless. When that happens, we may contract some dis-ease in the physical body to slow the process down until we get the memo that explains how we can best resonate at the frequency. Whenever we make changes that are in keeping with our spirit, we elevate our vibration. This is like taking an elevator to a higher floor in a building at breakneck speeds and expecting not to feel any physical repercussions. If this happens, recognize you are doing it! You are changing!

Tend to your body at this point with a lot of love and kindness. She is doing her level best to keep up with all that is required of her. Remember, she is still connected to the physical world and must straddle your wants and needs with her capacity to keep up. Often, she is given second rate food, very little sleep, no exercise and inner dialogue that questions her worth. Under these circumstances, we are lucky she is functioning at all. As we require her to imagine a new way of living, we have to support her transition into that vibration. Give her higher quality natural foods that she can digest easily. Steer clear of any foods that trigger inflammation in her body. Find ways to help her rest when she is hitting her maximum output, and by all means, give her the time to release any pent-up anxiety through exercise. Pep talks work great during this transition as she may constantly need to be reminded that she is capable and worthy of her happily ever after.

You do not need to retire to find your happy place. You get to have whatever life you feel you deserve. When you are ready to shift the life you have, be willing to participate in the process, and by all means, keep some reasonable expectations. Your high standards and ideas of how it is supposed to go need to be back burnered as they will weigh you down and most likely take you off course. Focus on what you can control. Have daily meetings to ensure your mind, body and spirit are all on the same page. Set the agenda according to what has to be done in order to have a good day, and let the rest go!

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