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How Do Chakras Play Into Your Guidance System?

Updated: Apr 2

I’ve been working with my intuition for quite some time. During the last two years, life has offered me the chance to honor what I’ve sensed rather than listening to the voices around me.

I think that we can become reliant on the world around us to validate our existence. It becomes a dangerous game of gaslighting when what we experience and what we sense are not the same. It starts innocently enough, like when we saw pain on our mother’s face and asked, “What’s wrong mommy?” only for her to respond “Nothing, darling child, everything is fine.” Perhaps that is why many women hate the word “fine.” It seems to convey a white lie. What follows fine is usually the sentiment of I can’t quite tell you my truth, so I’ll use this word to cleverly distract you…sowing the seed of self-doubt for you to grapple with for years to come.

The first step to understanding how intuition works is to understand that it takes place in the heart energy center of the physical body. Why? Called the gateway chakra, the heart center bridges the lower three chakras with the upper three chakras. It encompasses the chest area, the arms and the hands of the physical body. You have two additional heart chakras, one in the palm of each hand. This is why hugs feel so good and why we rub our feet when they ache! We are healing others and our own body with our loving energy flowing from our heart space. It is in the heart chakra that we combine our ability to take care of who we are (root chakra), with the ability to use our creative gifts (sacral chakra) and our will to demonstrate that knowing to the world (solar plexus chakra) with others (heart chakra).

We did not come to the earth plane to live in a vacuum and by dancing with others we create the greatest opportunity to learn about ourselves. This willingness to understand our personal power and then to be vulnerable and receptive to others allows that energy to flow in integrity into the 6th or throat chakra where we can use our voice to share our personal truth. It is important to clarify that the heart chakra receives energy. It houses all receptive energies, like love, trust, intuition and well-being. You cannot go out and get these energies, they must be received. These energies make you the most vulnerable and the most powerful in one fell swoop!

My head says…

When we spend our time thinking about life, we keep our energy in the upper chakras. When our energy is consistently in the upper chakras, we can become unrealistic about our needs as we are no longer grounded into our physical bodies. We become disconnected from our physical body and often our personal reality as we get a lot of good ideas, but we have no idea how those ideas will impact us in our third dimensional lives. We often stay in the “safe” zone of life keeping us firmly ensconced in the ordinary, but never experiencing the unknown that can lead us to the extraordinary! By dropping down a foot in the body into our heart or feeling center, we can move from a place of strength, not fear. By engaging the lower chakras and combining that information with the upper chakras, we learn how to take the information we receive energetically and translate it into making decisions that will positively affect our lives. Our minds often encourage us to avoid risk and vulnerability. While we might avoid pain in some relationships, we also avoid the joy that other relationships and life choices might align us with. This is not to say that you don’t risk changing your life by shaking up relationships. This is saying that in the shaking up, you dismantle what isn’t working for you in order to make space for what will dovetail nicely into your life.

My heart says…

Sonia Choquette, Hay House author, would often ask callers to fill in the blanks of the following on her Hay House radio show: “My head says_____, my heart says_____-about a given topic. Once you are clear on the way your heart is asking you to move, you can begin to wrap your head around the new path before you. Heart guidance can often be nonsensical. Feel about it. Notice I didn’t say “think “about it. Remember when you had a wild hare to do something? How did it turn out? Did you learn something about yourself that you wouldn’t have become aware of had you not done that crazy thing? That’s your intuition baby!

We all have inner guidance that seeks to keep us on our path. It finds ways to let us know when it’s time to change direction, long before external circumstances force us to comply with another’s agenda. When you feel something is amiss…take a moment to move into your heart. You will discover what feels the best in your body. That is the guidance that is right for you in that moment. If you follow it, you will find, like Hansel and Gretel, those pieces that you are breaking off are leaving a breadcrumb trail that will free you to walk through your dark forest unencumbered, authentically you, leading you to your best life.

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