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Heal Thyself Part 1

Updated: Apr 2

We all notice at some point in our hustle and bustle through life that something is not quite right in our body. It could be the result of an injury, an infection, or a general air of malaise that forces us to rethink our daily activities. Many of us proceed to our doctor to have tests run to determine the best path to wellness. We follow the prescription and voilà we experience recovery… right? Recovery is our expectation, and therefore how we align our thoughts and actions, don’t we? We certainly would not have tests run, receive a prognosis and then reject the cure, would we?

The power to be healed lies not only with the ability of the doctor, or the power of the medicine, but also in our belief that healing (and the particular type of healing we are seeking) serves our highest good. Our minds have great influence over the ability to recover from dis-ease. Our fears around what is happening and what is possible ensures the success or failure around our ability to raise our frequency to that of well-being. This is an understanding of the law of attraction and how frequency works. Once you embrace this knowing, you too will have the permission slip needed to raise your frequency to align with wellness. That is… if you choose to do so.

When I connect to the spirit world I do so by centering my energy and raising my frequency to perceive other dimensional energies. These energies are around us at all times as all dimensions are existing at the same time. Most people have no interest in perceiving higher vibrational energies, so they see, hear, and touch only those that match the denser frequencies in third dimension, i.e. those with physical bodies. Healing energy, however, always comes from a higher force. It is fused with the energy of love and therefore cannot be seen but felt. This is a receptive energy in which we must believe we are worthy of experiencing in order to allow ourselves to recover.

What stands in the way of receiving that miracle? Our beliefs, and more to the point, our fears. If a client comes to me not believing in the spirit world, then no amount of proof I offer will meet with their approval. Their words might indicate that they want the reading, but their beliefs keep them from experiencing the energy coming through to aid them in healing their lives. It is not my place nor my responsibility to force anyone to accept the spirit information that comes through. I am not privy to their specific soul journey as that information is contained in a sacred place referred to as the Akashic Records, nor do I hold any power to transform their experience.  I trust that I am given information that will assist them with their journey at the time of our interaction, but I cannot make anyone use it to their advantage. I open the energetic door between our two worlds, but it is my client that must believe in the possibility of spirit communication and then have the courage to attune to the higher vibrational energy.

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