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Full Body Presence

Updated: Apr 2

“No matter where we grew up, we have all had to adapt in order to survive and be accepted, conforming to the expectations of our families, religious traditions, and culture. Depending on our innate temperament and the level of repression to which we were subjected, we behave according to our own unique adaptations and defenses. Many of our idiosyncratic defense mechanisms may have originally served as brilliant survival tactics, particularly if we overcame traumatic events or circumstances. However, in most cases, these adaptations are now obsolete. They contribute to our sense of separation from ourselves and our world and now function as impediments to our happiness.” -Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

There are people who believe that once lived, their past stays there. It is not the nature of energy. While we are able to move on in our minds, our body’s still hold onto all the data from our experiences. Where, you might be wondering is that history stored?

We hold this information in the energy systems of the body known as chakras as well as the energetic layers that surround the physical body. Remember, everything in the universe is created energetically before it can manifest physically. Your pain lies in wait for the perfect opportunity to surface so you can break free from your survival mode, and live. Most of us have experiences in our current relationships that harken back to a trauma of the past in some way. This is good news! This means you have done the soul searching needed to release some of the resistance around these old patterns.

So, how do we begin this process of getting off of this roller coaster ride of the past? According to Suzanne Scurlock-Durana in her book “Full Body Presence,” we get present. When we make connections to our present we step out of the past. This is key to breaking patterns. The energy of the past can be so strong that it can literally affect the way we carry our body. I remember a massage therapist once telling me how disheartening it was at times to work so diligently on her clients’ bodies only to have them get off the table and resume the posture that they use to shield their heart and hold their self-worth hostage.

If we are tuned into our emotional body, we can sense these deep stirring sparks that light up in someone as they attempt to metabolize their pain. It is almost like you are witnessing a completely different person reacting in a rigid or dramatic way. Their energy narrows as they link the present with the past. They can detach from us emotionally as a stop gap to the pain welling up inside of them. This might leave us feeling unsafe in our connection to them.

Once caught up in this vicious cycle it is challenging to access your inner wisdom. Getting out of your head where fear can run rampant and connecting your physical body to mother earth will transmute that angst. Take the action necessary to feel your physical body like exercise or massage. Once that connection is established, it is now time to allow any feelings to be felt without trying to interrupt or numb the process. Connection is everything at this point. By being connected to the pain, we give it a voice. It is only when we embrace what is happening in the present that we have the presence of mind (heart and soul) to open to the best way to integrate what the pain needs us to know.

Accepting the power and depth of your inner landscape increases your access to recovery. The present is your most powerful place to affect change as you cannot undo the past and have not yet lived the future. This place of potential now permeates your entire energetic system and can maximize the energy that flows into you, creating greater connection to your body’s wisdom.

There is quite a bit of desensitizing that goes into living on autopilot. It takes years of conditioning to ignore your feelings and distrust your body’s signals. However, it is not hopeless. As you validate and investigate your reactions to life, you will create strong energetic boundaries that will become your source of power. This energy will alert you to any imbalance in your health and in your relationships. Both need to be monitored to be sure there is an adequate supply of the nurturing energy lavished upon others and replenished in our own being.

We all have a past. Pretending our past does not affect us does not fly in the energetic world because it still exists somewhere in our energy system. This is part of our vibrational countenance and if ignored, it can continue to magnetize people and situations whose number one job is to help us transcend detrimental patterning which looks like struggle and challenge.

The goal is not to live in the past. The goal is to acknowledge when we are operating from the past. When we are present, we gain the perspective needed to see that those ghosts no longer need to haunt us. We are open to new ways of living in the now.

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