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Envy: It’s not easy bein’ green

Updated: Apr 2

This past weekend I attended an academic ceremony for one of my sons. I found myself having a conversation with a biology professor about her time on campus and what being a professor means to her both professionally and personally.

If you are a Muppet fan, you would have mistaken me for Kermit the Frog. According to the dictionary envy means a feeling of discounted or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck. Most of us wouldn’t admit to it, although we have all felt it at one time or another. What is the energetic purpose of envy and how can we use this emotion to our benefit?

Panning for gold….

I started to imagine her life as she spoke. I could feel the pride she felt for her students, and I could see by the look on her face how much she enjoyed her work. There was something she was expressing that I really wanted to feel in my own life, and I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So, I did the next best thing and sat with the concept. I started running through my ideas (out loud) to feel what would land in my body as my truth as I described what it would be like to be a professor at a college. Envy can be used to sift around in your subconscious to uncover the new direction your life is about to take. From an energetic stance, envy serves as indication from your higher self, that there is more that you want to experience in life, and whatever inspired that emotion might be closer than you think.

6 degrees of separation…

Once you are clear as to what you want to manifest in your life, you want to pay attention to how close or far it is from your ability to see evidence of it in your physical life. If it is something on the big or little screen or that you read about, it’s possible — but you haven’t found your path to it yet. If it is secondhand knowledge, meaning the friend of a friend, you’re getting hotter. If it is happening in front of you, you’re on fire!

My conversation with the professor let me know that I miss teaching and teaching is once again possible for me to experience. I love to bridge the gap for people! I enjoy watching people have an aha moment that can change their life in positive ways. Knowledge is power and helping someone understand how they can hold and direct their personal power brings me immense satisfaction. The conversation with the biology professor was right on time in my soul development as I reach for new experiences to move my life forward.

A self-fulfilling prophecy…

Now that I realize I want to experience this notion of teaching, I bring this new awareness into the present. I notice the ways the universe is offering me opportunities to teach. The more I follow through on what shows up before me, the more opportunities will show up for me to teach. These occasions may not be in a structured classroom setting. I allow my understanding of what it means to teach to grow and shift. I am noticing the times I might be given the chance to uplift another through the knowledge I’ve gained in my areas of expertise.

This could have gone differently. I could have felt the sting of envy and made it mean that I am somehow less than or deficient. I could have played small in that conversation by putting myself down verbally feeling that her achievements superseded my own. I could have started looking for things about her appearance to criticize to try to make myself feel better about not being as accomplished as I perceive her to be. The list goes on and on….

That mentality would not have moved me closer to the joy of teaching. The energy around those judgements would have kept me in a lower vibrational place. Why? Because all energy connects! Judging her only guarantees I will judge me (and harshly!) What I do to you, I open the pathway for me to do to me.

What we might consider to be a negative emotion can serve our spirit beautifully, if we are open to the discomfort of the experience. I am not afraid of my feelings, so both the good ones and the bad ones give me important information. Choosing to use my envy to better understand what I want to create in my life, offers me a path to that creation. So, go ahead and get comfortable with green!

In the words of Kermit, the Frog: When green is all there is to be It could make you wonder why But, why wonder? Why wonder? I’m green and it’ll do fine It’s beautiful, and I think it’s what I want to be

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