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Energetic Wellness + the Holidays

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

“Where are you Christmas?

Why can't I find you?

Why have you gone away?

Where is the laughter

You used to bring me?

Why can't I hear music play?”

This song sung by Faith Hill expresses not being able to feel or connect into the Christmas spirit. So many of us have dealt with a changing world over the last year. The pandemic alone has caused us to reevaluate what is truly important in life. There are many of us that have lost: people, jobs, homes and health. It feels counterintuitive to be celebrating the merriment of the season in the face of these hardships, but it’s actually a viable path to helping others find their way.

So how exactly do you help those that are struggling to find their peace and joy when their life is demonstrating the exact opposite? FAMILIARITY ALERT: you gotta hold the energy first! (Ahem…you can’t give me twenty dollars if you don’t have 20 dollars).

This Christmas as you are humming "Here Comes Santa Claus” and shopping for stocking stuffers, take a minute as you’re feeling so BLESSED and send a loving thought to a friend battling an illness.

As you welcome your family into your home and are THANKFUL to be surrounded by loved ones, send some of that heartfelt energy to someone who’s recently lost someone and is having to navigate the holidays on their own this year.

Any festive activity like baking cookies, drawing names for secret Santa exchange, or attending a holiday party, that lifts your spirit is what we’re going for.

We all know someone who is not feeling as lucky as we are this holiday, and by joining them in their pain and feeling sorry for them we are energetically making the vibration of pain and loss bigger. (1+1=2 kind of thing). You cannot be sick enough to make someone else well or poor enough to make them rich. The path to healing and recovery takes the opposite energy. We will never find solutions to challenges in the same energy in which they were created. We must go higher and align with the energy of love.

People struggle to feel love when they are in pain or crisis, and it's a gift we can offer them free of charge that's so very necessary. It’s challenging to disconnect from fear when we see someone suffering. But, by choosing to send prayers of love and healing light when you’re in a good mood (high vibration) you raise the energy for everyone. So when you’re feeling cheerful and light hearted and then make that Christmas wish for their well being, you have created an energetic pathway for them to experience abundance. This will not magically make their problems disappear, but it will soothe their spirit.

The surrendering they do in that moment leaves enough room for their spirit to step in and lead them forward. Surrendering means letting go of their understanding of their situation and allowing a greater force to step in and lead them in a direction that will take their soul on the journey of recovery. That may look like finding peace and getting some much needed rest, aligning with good doctors, or considering a new avenue of work.

We don’t know what can happen when we step aside and co-create with the universe. We can know this: the highest and best is being served. So go ahead and spread your Christmas cheer! You are serving those in need by being a bright light on the planet! This is the energy of Christmas miracles! The outro of the song says it all:

“The joy of Christmas

Stays here inside us

Fills each and every heart

with love”

Yes indeed it does.

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