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Did I Just Say That?

Updated: Apr 2

Joman Romero wrote a book called “Knowing Ourselves, what does the body want to tell us about diseases?” It focuses on the emotional and mental components that feed into dis-ease.

His ideas around cancer are particularly interesting in that he believes that it arises as a result of personal tragedy from an emotional trauma that has caught the person completely off guard. He goes on to say that such trauma will affect the whole psychological structure of the individuals and impair their ability to experience the joy of living. This psychological process is unconsciously buried. In the beginning one does not feel any physical pain that might alert them to having a cancer diagnosis, but instead they feel a pervasive feeling of sadness. He says the nature of the conflict determines the location in the body and that there is patterning around the time development of certain cancers before they are discovered.

I will say that I do not believe that the human part of us wants to experience any dis-ease in life. But I do believe that the soul journey often uses these experiences to change our course. It is often through tragedy and illness that human beings decide to throw caution to the wind, embrace their loved ones and live with abandon! What is interesting to me about his work is the idea that something can be taking place in our own body for months before we realize that something is wrong. Looking back, we probably had some symptoms such as fatigue, or even the sadness he mentions, but we do not realize the severity of that shift until a doctor gives it a name.

This idea could just as easily be applied to the health and well-being of all of our relationships. How many of us experienced a slow growing cancer in our relationships with little or no awareness as to its existence only to be surprised at what we discover about the other person? How many of us knew on some level that something was amiss, yet carried on as normal until one day we realized the price of staying connected to that person was too high? There are also those of us, me included, that have damaged our relationships by making disparaging remarks not realizing their energetic impact.

A long time ago when Oprah Winfrey had her talk show, I remember reading that she did not tolerate gossip in the workplace. At the time I remember thinking it was a bit controlling, but now as I learned more about how energy feeds into our creations, I get it. She knew that gossiping was a low vibrational activity and that it would slowly erode the working relationships that her staff had with one another. It reinforces differences and pits people against one another. Ultimately that energy would undermine the idea that they were a team, and the energetic cancer would begin to grow.  

Holding awareness as we speak about the people that we care about is paramount in keeping any relationship healthy. When we start portraying a relationship in a way that is negative to others without owning that sentiment with the person that we are in relationship with, we give that negativity a chance to spread. This does not mean that we cannot share our fears with our close friends in order to gain some perspective, but hopefully we have had the courage to speak with the other person first, as they are the ones with the power to affect change in our dynamic.

When we have negative feelings around a situation that we ignore, we are splitting our energy and creating a connection to others that is ‘staticky’ at best. I have had past relationships in which my partner at that time seemed happy with me, only to stumble onto messages sent to others that he was profoundly unhappy. Which was true? Low frequency activities divide and conquer, shattering any delicate connections we have spent years stitching together one moment of vulnerability at a time.

From an energetic stance, anytime we disparage another we send a poison arrow flying into their energy field. Their ability to hold their balance by having a strong sense of self-worth can deflect that negative energy, but it still leaves them feeling vulnerable without truly knowing why. They will begin to question their inner guidance that will inevitably direct them to beware of us as feelings of mistrust seep into the relationship. We all believe thoughts are harmless as they float in and out of our minds throughout our day. For the most part, they are. It is the ones that find resonance that do the damage. Anywhere we hold a belief that is vibrating at the same frequency, we give negativity a refuge. If we truly want to awaken the ire that will blow up our lives, we will develop stories around these thoughts that we will then voice consequently sealing our fate.

You have a tribe in this world. They are doing their best to find you but need you to shine your individual light to see their way to you. Use your intuition to discern who gets to know your truth. Those are people with whom you will build connection that you will later rely on to hold your greatest fears. It is in the offering of yourself that you will discover the greatest gifts that relationship has to offer you. In order to receive those gifts, you must be fully present, vulnerable and able to hold your connection to your heart. Trust that those people that want the relationship with you will always do the work that is necessary as well as speak and act in ways that will ensure the vitality of your connection. Stay honest and in integrity even when it’s painful to do so and you will keep them close in spirit throughout your life. Those that are in it for themselves will eventually show you their true motivations and their words and actions will take them far from you.

Your words are a vibrational representation of your energy signature. Be sure that what you are sending out into world is serving the greater good of all the people connected to you. Keep all areas of your life healthy by speaking in ways that uplift and strengthen your relationships, or you can use your intentions and your voice to undermine and destroy what you created. The choice as always is yours… make a good one!


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