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Developing Your Intuition

Updated: Apr 2

Intuition can feel like a fickle thing. Sometimes we get a hit, and sometimes a miss. It can leave a person wondering, how can we rely on something we cannot control?

We all have intuition. It often is presented in a flash: now you see me now you don’t kind of thing, and more often than not when we are distracted doing other things. We are not expecting it and therefore give that out of blue notion little credence.

When we do recognize it, we’ve either just stepped into our flow or dodged a bullet and we are thankful either way that our spirit wants to communicate with us! The key to getting intuition to be more consistent is awareness. Once we are cognizant of how it is working in our lives, we can begin to let it influence all of our major and minor decisions. So how exactly do we do that?

Notice what you notice.

A great way that I was taught to communicate with the spirit world was to make forced connections. In the beginning of my training, I posted questions for spirits in my meditation space. When I did readings for friends and family I would notice which of those things my eyes would focus on and ask the spirit world about it. For example, when doing one particular reading my eyes were drawn to the word November which I had hot glued to my wall. I tuned in and asked what else I needed to know about November. I was then given an image of a cake with candles. I saw a man behind my friend holding the cake. The man was there in spirit. This gentleman wanted to let my friend know he was there to witness her son’s birthday. He could have shown me the word November, but at that stage of my learning, my first association with November would have been Thanksgiving. I would have assumed they were all gathered for a Thanksgiving meal. By making the physical eye connection to the month first, he allowed me to suspend my association of celebrations in November and open up to the message he wanted to offer my friend. The spirit world will always choose the path of least resistance when choosing symbols. It takes an incredible amount of energy on their part to communicate with us, so the fewer words or images the better! They can then reserve some of their energy to cover more topics.

Develop your psychic muscles

How do you make this psychic muscle bigger? Practice. If you enjoy working with tarot cards they provide ample opportunity to strengthen this skill. While shuffling the cards ask silently what is coming up for you today? Turn over a card and note the FIRST thing your eyes focus on. The first thing is the most important, as first impressions are paramount when working with your intuition. After a few minutes the mind will start to exert its influence and tell you what it thinks based on your previous experiences. You might notice the number, the suit, the image, or even part of the image. Then note what you sense about that part. What does the number two mean to you? How do you feel when you see that sword on the card? Jot it down. At the end of the day, journal about that symbol and how you felt it impacted your day. Just being curious signals to your spirit that you are interested in working with more symbolism and she will comply.

Bring it on home

I was driving on the highway last year when I started thinking about this new man in my life and wondered if he were truly capable of being faithful to me. I was lost in my own thoughts as I turned on the radio to ABBA’s “Take a Chance On Me” just as a work truck with his name on the side of it passed me! How many cars and trucks pass us that we see but never truly pay attention to? Another time, when looking at a map to locate our next destination for a trip, I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go when my eyes kept wandering over to a smaller town further west. I started researching it and thought how beautiful it would be this time of year. Hoping he would be amenable to a change in plans, I mentioned it my partner and learned he had been there over twenty years ago attending a parade. He held fond memories of it and would be excited to see it again! In fact, he could not believe he had forgotten about it as a possible place to retire. I would have missed it had I not been open to my intuition weighing in on our next adventure.

With its soul whispers, your intuition is on the ready but will not override your mind’s need to control what’s happening. We all have these experiences, but we do not all know that it is a form of intuitive signaling. The next time you are drawn to a particular image of something, trust your eyes as you feel your vibes. Intuition and feeling always go hand in hand distinguishing a random thought from true guidance. Forced connection is a great tool to build your connection with your spirit. When in doubt remember the eyes have it!

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