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Are You Adding To, or Subtracting From Your Environment?

Updated: Apr 2

I have the pleasure of being with a partner that takes his time each morning to center his energy before he starts his day. He has taught me through his own example that I have many more choices in life than I ever realized, and most of those decisions start from the moment I open my eyes in the morning. Instead of reacting to my day, I have started implementing the techniques he uses in his own life to orchestrate my day in ways that brings me more joy and makes me more present in my exchanges. I try to make good choices and recover quickly from bad ones to increase my personal power. Perhaps this is new information for you. Like me, you might have been raised to react to life rather than orchestrate your life. Here are some ways that I leave that notion in the past and find ways to make the most of my 24 hours.

Where I put my body matters I have frequented many eating establishments where I might come across as a difficult customer because I allow the hostess to take me to her choice of tables for my dining experience and then I evaluate if it works for me. I look for the tables that are tucked out of major traffic areas. I will not sit in front of the main door because the energy is too swift, or near bathrooms where the energy is too stagnant, both of which interfere with my digestion. The stress of a lot of activity during a meal can result in indigestion. If I am a little tired I tend to choose the seat with the wall behind it. If I feel energetic, I do not mind having my back to minimal activity and giving my partner the more powerful seat so he can benefit from the stronger energy. And if there is not a good seat to be had? I leave that establishment and figure out another place to eat. If I am going to spend the money, I want a delectable experience. I want the ambiance to be pleasant, (what I smell, hear, see and feel) the service, and food to be excellent.

I had brekky at my favorite place in town yesterday and was greeted by my server who placed a hot cup of coffee down in front of me as she took my food order. She remembered that I order coffee every time I come in. That gesture alone made me feel welcomed and a part of the community. Feeling liked and appreciated by the people around me activates my sense of loyalty and I strive to return the favor by giving them my business as often as I can. How I feel matters If I have a long drive and do not feel like fighting traffic, I take the scenic route. Yes, it takes longer, but I arrive feeling serene, not frazzled. I have also noticed that in the mornings if I travel a half an hour earlier, I am in a better stream of traffic and get the bonus of seeing the dawn break each morning. If I have a long wait in a waiting room, I pop in my air pods to hear my favorite tunes. It lowers my anxiety by taking my mind off of all the other things I could be doing. I think of it as extra meditation time. I also keep snacks in the car in case my meetings delay my mealtime, so I don’t arrive anywhere hangry. Hungry and tired does not look good on me! If I am unsure of the temperature of a place, I tuck a scarf into my purse so I can wrap it around my shoulders to keep me comfortable. Basically, I see to the needs of my body. When I am out of sorts, my anxiety increases. I have learned to become proactive in finding ways to relax under various conditions. When my body is comfortable, my energy is calm and my connection to my intuition is heightened. This is when I most often dovetail with pleasant experiences. Who I surround myself with, matters. In retail stores I only work with salespeople that are personable and have a good work ethic. Any practitioner I work with from my hairstylist to my masseuse must leave me with a positive impression, or I keep looking. I consider that I am giving them my time, my attention and my resources and it needs to be a meaningful exchange for me. I have even extended this idea to all of my relationships. I no longer accept invitations to spend time with people that I do not enjoy. Feeling obligated no longer holds any power in my life. I choose not to worry about how other people might judge my choices. If we don’t jive, I am good with our finding the people that energize us. Neither of us can afford to have our battery drained, so we each need to move on in an effort to fill our own voids.

Does my energy affect yours? You betcha!! It raises or lowers your frequency depending on how I impact you during our exchange. Energy is always in flux. It might be moving at slower denser pace, a fast-paced higher vibe, or at that peaceful easy feeling. I can be positively affecting that space or negatively impacting the people around me and the difference it makes can have a ripple effect that extends beyond the time I am there. Knowing that, I choose to take the steps necessary to make the most of my three-dimensional reality by bringing my A game. I am not always in a good mood. When that happens, I look for ways to move myself to a better feeling place. Maybe I pick up a little treat or make extra time for a nature walk, but I no longer let it fester. As energy builds in our system it becomes volatile looking for a way to discharge. Like a bottle of Coca-Cola being shaken up; I do not want to be responsible for spewing negativity all over an innocent bystander. I assume responsibility for my mood.

We are all energetically connecting when we come into contact with each other. If we are out of sorts, we can knock someone else out of balance rather easily. If we are clear and content, we can hold the space if they are struggling, and become a source of strength. We do not have to be consciously aware of this in order to have an impact. Our natural rhythm or vibe is flowing at all times. So how do you know what impact you are having? Look at how your day is going. If you are enjoying it, you are in a positive flow. If you are struggling, you are hitting resistance and it is time to change what is going on inside of you. Remember, your power is always in the present, so by finding ways to enjoy the here and now, you add your light to our world. And folks…she needs us.

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