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The Liquid Soul

Updated: Apr 2

Being in the moment does not come easily to many of us. When we hear advice on being “present,” let’s face it…we roll our eyes. Who are these hippy dippy people that have time to enjoy the moment? In my meditation this morning, my team of guides offered me a new view on being present and why everybody should make this their intention each day.

The arc of a river Living in the moment allows you to connect to your spirit. This is the source of your intuitive self that seeks to align you with your well-being. Take a moment to consider how a river moves. Even when there are natural barriers in its path, it seeps and snakes around those obstacles. This is what it feels like to be in your flow. As you find ways to lower your resistance in life, you move with your own current. The fewer the obstacles, the faster you course towards your goals.

Being present turns your receptors up, making everything around you more vivid! This includes your psychic senses as well. As you tune into you, the information you pick up on is relevant in real time. That sudden thought of your credit card could mean that your payment is due, or that you are fast approaching your limit so be mindful of your spending. Anything that is vying for your attention when you are living in the moment is your intuition assisting you in living a more joyful life.

Glinting with sparkles When you are in your groove you increase your energetic vibration. This increases your point of attraction which will enhance your life. These serendipitous moments naturally occur because you confidently follow those hairbrained ideas that lead you to unexpected occurrences. These “chance” meetings could give you a viable path to building a new career or an introduction to a person that changes your life. These are the happy surprises that you could not have imagined, but greatly impact your life. There are also predestined people and places you are supposed to rendezvous with that will assist you with your soul journey. This is called kismet. You cross those timelines when you follow those inner urges and take the leap. This is risky at best as it is a clear departure from reason, but there is something inside you that will not let you pass by this opportunity. It’s a system override that causes you to say yes to life! Yes, I’ll go out with you, or yes, I’ll move to that city. This is a soul move. These people feel familiar to you as you have journeyed with them in previous lifetimes. The resonating places are your power cities and by living in that energy you magnetize supportive people and situations that will move you around a new bend. The shoals

Being in the flow is not always gurgling, babbling, and gently streaming along. You are often offered experiences that challenge you in order to direct how you choose to honor your spirit, the operative word here being choice. Often those choices that seem to glisten in the sun, can turn out to all but drown you, so it is imperative that your Spidey senses be fully present. As you choose to align with your value system, the outcome will always serve your spirit and your growth…even when who you thought you wanted walks out of your life, or the perfect job no longer requires your services. When you resist moving on from people or situations that are not serving your highest and best, you learn to sacrifice the very essence of your being. From an energetic stance you are saying to your spirit that you are willing to compromise your personal integrity to have this person or situation in your life and it inevitably comes with a huge price tag…your self-worth.

Being present allows you to feel into these no-win situations and experience a paradigm shift. The event might be subtle or drastic, but as you stay flexible and trust your instincts, you find ways to soften your edges. In allowing the new energy to seep into your understanding, you expand your energy, allowing you to hold and experience more of what life has to offer. When you ignore how you feel because you are imagining a perfect future with those rigid situations, you confine or contract your energy and disconnect from your intuition, missing those vital insights.

The watery grace Being present is a salve to the spirit. It is in the present that your spirit is the most vital and capable of wading through the challenges of life. When you find your mind drifting to the future or swirling in the past… stop. Take a deep breath. Look around and focus on one thing in front of you. Name it. Appreciate it for calling your spirit to you. Relax. You can now drift along knowing you are once again in your river of consciousness.

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