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Riding In The Backseat

Updated: Apr 2

I was riding in the backseat of car headed to a D-Day service in Normandy, France when the road narrowed and serpentined through a village. Our speed, however, did not adjust to the new road conditions.

Worried I said, “Is this a two-way street?” We moved to the right adding a portion of the shoulder for our roadway as a car going in the opposite direction traveled past us. Not getting my driver’s attention with that question, I tried again “We must be in a hurry!” … still no reaction. So, I upped the ante with, “You are scaring me” Rien. I then recited the magic words “I’m carsick” and the car slowed down. How did I feel sitting in the backseat? Powerless. I could think of nothing else to do except pray and my prayers were immediately answered by a vehicle that pulled out in front of us and became our pace car. Thank you, universe!

There are times when we all feel like we are sitting in the backseat of our lives. We want more than anything to be the driver of the vehicle determining where we go and how we get there only to feel like somebody else is holding our car keys. Now what? The way to move back into the driver’s seat is to surrender the destination and allow the universe to be your GPS. From an energetic stance, when we name the person, not the characteristics of a person, that would make our heart skip a beat, we move to the backseat. If we decide on a particular job, instead of work that fuels our passion, we move to the backseat. If we must have a certain house or live in a specific place, instead of getting clear on theaspects we want in a home, town, state or country, we move to the backseat. The universe is always trying to give us the best of what we believe is possible, so it becomes incumbent upon us to search for and remove all mental and emotional blocks that stand in the way of our dreams.

We all hold a vibration, and that vibration is made of up of our thoughts and beliefs so that what we attract into our lives always matches our frequency. If we are not a attracting a certain person, job or place, it is because that thing and our frequency are not in sync. What you are receiving is what you are sending out! In the energy realm, when a relationship breaks down, it is because the vibration of the people involved has changed and is no longer a match. When you lose your job, get a promotion, or change your career altogether, it is because your vibe does not match the work you were doing. You might have increased your knowledge, let go of outdated beliefs, tried and failed at something that was significant enough to change your outlook on life. If any part of your life is out of sync with that new revelation, it will have to go. If your beliefs are out of sync with any hoped-for experience, it will not manifest. The stars don’t have to align, you do. And when you do you should buckle up and enjoy the ride! We hold onto our status quo because it is comfortable and familiar. We might panic when we feel out of balance or that something is shifting, but rest assured that our world is simply reconfiguring itself to include an expanded viewpoint. We often resist the new direction we are being nudged towards until either our apathy buries us alive, or an unexpected glimpse of an alternate reality forces change. We can move into frustration and despair believing we will never find what we are hoping for, without realizing that we are on our to finding more than we imagined.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been scared riding with another person in a vehicle. The experienced reminded me how far I have come in designing my best life rather than letting my circumstances dictate the way I will live. When my life stops moving in a wanted directed, I explore what is changing or needs changing in my world. This perspective helps me to release my expectations and trust that my growth will usher new energy into my life. Where in your life are you sitting in the back seat? Are you willing to use those moments of powerlessness as a tool for growth? Your life is waiting for you. Pack only your most precious life values and confidently take your place at the wheel. You are meant to navigate the twists and the turns, just leave the details of who rides shotgun, and your destination, to the universe. Her vision is bigger than yours and she loves to surprise you!

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