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Updated: Apr 2

Shout it From the Mountain Top Have you ever had a realization about yourself and rather than sharing that new understanding, you chose instead to keep quiet? I’m not referring to ticking a lock about your opinion. I’m referencing the awareness that you have changed and then choosing not to divulge that new insight with your partner or friend.

Perhaps you are afraid of the drama that will ensue, so you believe you are being kind and considerate. It might feel like you are doing the “right” thing by protecting someone’s feelings, but from an energetic stance this is a betrayal folks. More to the point, a self-betrayal. When you are practicing this thoughtform, you are out of alignment with your integrity.

Integrity is all about being congruent. The mind and the heart are on the same page. When we are incongruent, there is conflicting energy in the body. This often results in a restlessness that we may not understand. It feels like anxiety, and it manifests as avoidance. We become uncomfortable putting our body near the person that can read our energy like a book! We dare not make eye contact because as we stare into those soulful windows they will likely see past our lies (even the omitted ones) and feel our truth. When we are lying to someone, another interesting thing happens in our body. Our conscience alerts us that we are not telling the truth. This often happens by seeing an image in our mind’s eye of how we are complicit in the lie we are attempting to disguise as our truth. Let’s say I told my beloved he was the only man I desired, and that was not my truth as I secretly fantasized about another man. I would immediately see the face of the person that was competing for my affection as I was declaring my fidelity. Now, the man standing before me cannot read my thoughts but don’t kid yourself… he would feel it. It’s an energetic response to a change in vibration. The body knows.

Nary a whit of courage Lacking the ability to recognize and claim your personal truth splits the energy in the body. This cloven energy affects our being by stressing the emotional and mental body causing dis-ease in the physical body as the mind, body, and spirit is always seeking harmony and balance. When we feel off, our heart is alerting us to a change that needs to be honored. Now, I am not suggesting that we call a meeting and tell our mate we desire another person, but I am suggesting we don’t say I only desire you in the heat of passion. Your spirit won’t let you get away with that white lie. If your interest in another person or a new way of living life seems to occupy your thoughts consistently, your heart is beckoning you to explore that notion. It does have merit and keeping yourself from moving in the natural flow of your heart puts your life in a vice grip that will squeeze the joy out of all that you have worked to create.

Two roads and a yellow wood How do I honor me without hurting you? You don’t. It isn’t your job to protect others from your truth. You are not in their body, so you have no real idea how they feel about anything. You also do not know what plans the universe has in store for them, and how your urge to travel along a new path will serve their highest and best as well. This is part of the exchange of energy we souls have when we dance together. Sometimes we come together for the purpose of moving each other along our individual paths. You do not have to be cruel when you are telling someone disappointing news, but you must be honest. By being honest with yourself and then the other person, you send your spirit and the universe the message that you have the courage to do life on your terms and stand in your light. The aftermath that follows is meant to keep you in that higher vibration. You are dismantling the false parts of your ego and making the decision to be authentic. This acceptance of your true intentions will ensure you rendez vous with new people and places that will help you achieve your soulpurpose.

Yen for Zen It has been said that when we are in utero and move for the first time, an ensoulment takes place through a silver cord of energy known as sutratma. It is the life force link between the soul and the body. This link is a promise from God or a higher power that we will always be guided and never alone in life. When we follow our inner directives, we are honoring that promise.

By choosing to stay in integrity (even when no one is watching) we keep the energy flowing through that cord strong and vital! It is only severed at death when the soul returns to the other side. We can, however, constrict the energy flowing through it by not being true to ourselves. When we move from this false place, we muffle the voice of our inner guidance, making our point of attraction convoluted as well. As we value how we feel and share that information within our relationships, we keep the balance of universe in divine order. It will not always be easy especially when we must let go of people and places to discover who we are. But as we choose to align with our personal values, we offer the world our unique vibration. From this empowered stance we can not only climb to those mountain tops, but we can also relish in the journey and truly enjoy the view.

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