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Keeping It Real

Updated: Apr 2

These boots are made for walking…

Is it possible to make mistakes and still be a good person? Does the universe frown upon bad choices? Is being right important to you? These questions draw our focus to staying in judgement of ourselves and others. Judgement is a form of dualistic thinking and keeps us firmly ensconced in the lower vibrational frequencies on the planet. They keep us separated from one another, and as energy principles go, separated from parts of ourselves. Source sees us as whole and beautiful because our Source knows that even the parts we might be judging are helping us to push past our limited viewpoints and allow more love into our hearts.

You keep lyin’ when you oughta be truthin’ By keeping it real we attempt to stay in integrity. While holding boundaries and owning our feelings is part of staying in alignment with our higher self, what is equally, if not more important is owning our mistakes. From an energetic stance, the moment of truth when the ego is in direct conflict with the spirit sets the stage for what we will soon experience in our lives. When we omit the truth, say things we don’t mean, and don’t apologize for our mistakes we are not owning our energy. By not honoring our choices, even the ones we may later regret, we dim our light. Our vibration contracts and so too does our point of attraction. We become less attractive in the real world in all areas of life as all energy connects. We might find that the people we date don’t really turn us on. Why? Because we showed up as someone else and the energy that goes along with that character we are playing is magnetizing the person staring at us from across the table. The same is true in our work life. When we make mistakes and pass the buck, we lose the respect of those that sense the truth of the situation. They no longer implicitly trust us, and may micromanage the work we do, pass us up for new projects or nitpick our work in an effort to force us to move on from the workplace. This does not have to be a conscious choice on their part. They may instinctively treat us this way because deep down they sense something is amiss.

You’ve been messin’ where you shouldn’t ’ve been a messin’ Integrity is all about not abandoning who we are in big and small moments, and that includes when we behave in ways contrary to our true nature. I am not going to sugar coat it; it sucks. Nobody enjoys feeling remorse and shame for their actions, but it is part of being human. The parts of us that we reject are the very parts that create the storylines of our future in an effort to find acceptance. We might love the idea of being perfect, but it just isn’t realistic or sustainable. We are all fallible and admitting our mistakes might involve some ugly crying at times, but when all is said and done we will have our self-respect. We will also hold more compassion for ourselves remembering that when we know better, we do better. This is good news! If we can have that attitude about our blunders then we can offer that empathy to another. We must always demonstrate the energy for ourselves first before we can give it to another, this is the law of attraction. The bad news would be if we cannot be honest with ourselves about our faux pas’. Then we cannot truly forgive another when they slip up. So, when we pretend everything is good between us, we are back to playing a role and dimming our light.

Are you ready boots? If you are truly working towards being your best self and living your best life, don’t forget to include your worst self. She dwells within (and sometimes without!) and is energetically connected to you. Leaving her in the shadows will keep you from experiencing the real you and transforming old patterns created in this and other lifetimes. Like it or not, she offers you contrast as an opportunity to grow your consciousness. When she disappoints you, look her in the eyes and let her know that you still love her. She will use that higher vibrational energy to pull herself up by her boots straps and show you she is quite capable of walking in the light.

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