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Finding Your Frequency

Updated: Apr 2

As we listen to the radio in our cars, we have no problem changing the channel when we do not like the song. We make it a habit to play music we enjoy.

I play classical or jazz music when I need to be soothed and love a good rap song when I need to find a little more confidence to face my next challenge. I mindlessly surf the radio for something that reflects my mood, and once I have settled on a song, I sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! There have been a few times that I have ridden with others in which their music choice and mine did not sync up. Those moments proved to be more irritating as I listened to music that did not align with my sensibilities. Those adventures were less enjoyable, and I relished the moment that I could be my own DJ once more.

We all have a vibe. Our music, dress, speech, work and home amongst other things reflects it. When we are ready for a change, we might cut our hair, buy a new wardrobe, change jobs or move. What are we doing in all of those moments? We are changing our frequency. Everything resonates at a certain frequency, just like with radio. By changing our frequency, we shift our external environment. We encourage one another to change frequencies when we say: be the bigger person, take the high road, or rise above the situation. The idea is that we find the larger perspective and hold the more powerful thoughts around a disempowering situation.

So how do most of us go about changing our frequency? We take action but are often met with resistance that leaves us feeling deflated. Keep in mind that by increasing our frequency, we change not only how we feel, but how the world responds to us. The degree of our discomfort can move us along if we care more about how we feel and make that our priority. Where I think we can get tripped up around changing frequency is when we assume that our efforts will be met with gratitude and ease. We might be crystal clear about our needs on our end, but others could still be vibing at a different frequency with a different agenda. The result is the static you hear on the radio urging you to move on to the next channel. I recently had an experience with a doctor’s office in which working with them always seemed to present challenges. I was willing to overlook that my doctor hurried me through my appointments barely taking the time to answer my questions. I also felt they nickeled and dimmed me to death for every service I needed. I prioritized my doctor’s expertise over the financial outlay and his personal treatment of me in order to work with his practice. The straw that broke the camel’s back was his office’s inability to process paperwork that ended up delaying me a week of recovery and their lack of any accountability.

What in the world was I doing wrong? In order to recover more quickly and align with the medicine that would heal my body, I worked energetically on my body to raise my frequency. I used my tuning forks and worked on color breathing into my chakras during my meditation each morning. I thought surely I could improve my relationship with my health by raising my frequency. After all, doesn’t like attract like? Why yes it does, and what I never stopped to consider is that my efforts in raising my frequency around my health meant that anything that did not resonate with my new frequency would show up for me to choose how I wanted to participate in my life. Just like experiencing static on the radio, you might notice static in your relationships to anyone with whom you are out of sync. This can feel like irritation, frustration and impatience if on the heels of working from a higher vibrational place. It becomes glaringly obvious that the relationship is untenable and must become simpatico or end altogether so you can make way for others that resonate with your new vibe. If I am asking for healing and pushing higher frequency into my being, then lower frequency energy gets pushed out and the people holding that lower frequency go along with it. I was being shown how the people I was doing business with in the healthcare industry were out of integrity with my energy. The more I worked to feel better, the greater the distance between my well-being and their agenda grew until I could no longer ignore my body’s responses and decided to locate a new practitioner.

I do not believe any of us get into our vehicles thinking we must control the Federal Communications Commission in order to enjoy the car ride. We simply choose the station that is playing the song we want to hear. Choose the people that are holding the vibration you enjoy. When you run into static, understand your signal is not getting through to whoever is creating the interference. Time spent with them will not beget you the joyful experience you want. Your power in these situations lies with raising your antenna as high as you can each day and trusting that what you receive will either be music to your ears or an indication that you need to keep searching for a new station. You can either continue to fiddle with the dial trying to get that channel to come in more clearly or change it altogether. Neither response is wrong. It all comes down to how you want spend your afternoon.

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