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Co-Creating With the Universe

Updated: Apr 2

How to Design Your Life: I grew up in a small town with three sisters. Wanting to indulge our possible talents and interests, my parents invested in a baby grand piano and piano lessons. Our teacher, Anne Scoggins, not only provided excellent instruction in her music studio, but she also insisted we go before adjudicators at Meredith College to get written critiques and a certificate of our progress each year. Not being terribly dedicated to honing our craft, these annual performance reviews became quite stressful.

One time, to ease our angst and celebrate our accomplishments, our mom offered to treat us to a dessert at the newly opened McDonald’s restaurant. I remember this occasion because it was on this day that I experienced an expanded awareness of fruit pies. When it was my turn to order I stepped up to the cashier and asked for “an apple pie, but cherry.” “What???” she said. I cleared my throat and said again with confidence, “I would like an apple pie, but with cherries in it.” My mother then said, “she would like a cherry pie” as they both laughed at my naiveté.

Mindset: how we express our thoughts through our words demonstrates what we believe. How we speak about anything offers us great insight into what we believe to be true, and for that matter, possible. We live in a vibrational universe ladies and gents, and that means we can only be exposed to circumstances that are in relatively close proximity to our vibrational countenance. What Is Your Vibration Countenance? Your vibration is your energetic makeup. It is made up of your feelings and thoughts. It is a scale of sorts that determines what you can magnetize to you. You resonate at a certain level based on your thoughts and feelings about a certain topic and you attract experiences to you that also hold that same vibration. It is the inner workings of the law of attraction which basically states that like attracts like. What you live is a direct reflection of what you believe to be possible. We each carry a vibration and all experiences also carry a vibration. The name of the game is getting your vibration and the experience you want to live to match!

Your Google Flag Creating awareness around your beliefs is always step one to creating change in your life. By understanding where you are on your map of life, you can chart your course to a new experience. The distance between the two points is the journey the universe will use to fine tune you in order to match you with the new energy you are hoping to live. Getting clear on what you believe and seeing opportunities to keep or transform those beliefs is paramount to the process of achieving your dreams. Bridging the Gap I liken this journey between current life and dream life to walking on a bridge. When you make decisions to align with the new experience through your words and then your actions, you move towards the dreamlife at the far end of the bridge. When you choose to respond in your usual pattern, you stand still energetically and continue to have the same ole experiences in life.

These exchanges on your bridge usually start off small, with no real consequence for your choices. If you mess up and choose the old pattern in the beginning, no biggie, tomorrow a new opportunity to practice will find its way to you. However, each time you successfully engage and align with the new dream, you not only build your confidence, but that energy begins to turn the tide in favor of your new life. Question: can you remain hopeful and believe your vision can manifest and demonstrate that knowing with your language and actions when your reality shows you the opposite of what you want? Reality is only the evidence of the thoughts you’ve been thinking. Current reality is based on past thoughts. Think new thoughts and soon you will experience a new reality!

Sandpaper Moments I have a friend that spoke of asking for patience during his meditation time. I said, “Well, today will be quite the day for you!” “What do you mean?” he said. I responded with utter disbelief that this hadn’t already occurred to him, “I mean that the only way to truly integrate being more patient in life is to have experiences that try your patience. So, I’m guessing by the end of today you could possibly need a drink!” In order to transform a limiting belief, we must challenge those thoughtforms, and choose a new belief. All the power needed to transform your life comes from within. When we find ways to see that we have choices in any circumstance, we begin moving from a more powerful place. My friend would never be able to grow his ability to be patient if he didn’t have to practice being patient in the face of some resistance like, a long bank line when he was in a hurry, or a coworker that wasn’t keen on working together.

Free Weights If you want to have bigger muscles, you will need to work out with weights. Lifting weights will cause the fibers and tissues of the muscle to tear, breaking down the old muscle and allowing for a new, bigger muscle to emerge. You would never think of the weight as the obstacle to the process, but rather a necessary tool of resistance to achieve the stronger muscle.

The experiences you have on your bridge from one vibration to the next are meant to grow your certitude that yes indeed you can achieve your new desire! They will break down the old patterning so you can build and even expand the new vibration. Even if these opportunities come in the form of “negative” experiences, they remain the tool the universe is using to match your energy to your dream life. Sometimes we think that when we have a bad experience, we are not meant to have the new dream; the world is against us. Much like the weight making your bicep stronger, that experience was testing your ability to stay true to your goal in the face of adversity. Each experience is basically asking you, are you sure you still want to live this dream?

Boots on the Ground Let’s say you want to buy your own home and you cannot seem to find a property that is in your price range. You can choose to see this situation as being out of your control as the market is keeping you from achieving your dreams, or you can choose to see the inflated market as the free weight helping you to get clear on the essence of what you are really wanting to experience.

With each month that passes you have options on how you choose to respond to the “reality” of what’s before you. In order to change that reality, you would have to start to think about that situation differently. By finding some good parts of the delay to focus on, you begin to lower your resistance to what is, thereby transforming what will become! Perhaps you could drive around and explore the different parts of town dreaming of one day creating a life there. Really get into the feeling of the new dream. Imagine what it would it be like to have your kids at this school, or shop at that store? Maybe enjoy a beer at your new neighborhood pub, and while you are there you might meet people that you jibe with and find out that they live in a neighboring town that sends you in a completely new direction! Explore that! Did you ever consider that the market is forcing you to wait because your house isn’t available just yet, and in a year, it will roll out the welcome mat for you? The universe has many tricks up her sleeve and can make this new desire a true adventure if you are willing to be open and trust her ways. Part of co creating with her is recognizing your only job is to find ways to allow the new dream to become part of your current experience.

Believing You Have Choice, Creates Choices When we understand how to co-create with the universe, we expand life’s dessert options. Everything is created in energy or thoughts first. Those thoughts that we practice over and over, become our beliefs. We can stay with those ideas and keep our life the same as it is now, or we can challenge those ideas from time to time and discover our cherry pie. It’s not a one and done folks. Every new dream holds a new vibration. Discovering you have choices is like being shown a dessert tray by the universe instead of being given one option only, like it or lump it! With each new desire the journey starts over again on a new bridge. This is the nature of manifestation! By finding your way to living as many experiences as your heart desires, you provide the most joyful opportunities for your soul’s expansion.

I think back to the moment I was getting laughed at for not knowing I could order simply a cherry pie. Maybe, just maybe, my wise woman self in that young body, was teaching everyone around her that life offers options, even if our reality doesn’t know of it just yet. We get to decide based on what captures our imagination and attention that we can ask for and receive whatever we want if we are willing to risk challenging the norm. I may not have known of the existence of a cherry pie, but I did know that I didn’t want to eat an apple pie and then dared to ask for the fruit I preferred.

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