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This 90-minute spiritual reading session focuses on a particular change that your team of angels and guides feels you are ready to transform. The topics we discuss are usually all related to one energy pattern that is now ready to be released with the support of your spirit team as well as your loved ones in spirit.  


I will convey their guidance and help you to understand how this pattern is holding the critical areas in your life apart from the life you wish to be living. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth if you are open and willing to better understand these deeper parts of yourself. 


After purchase, I will contact you with the next available time slots. 

Spiritual Reading

  • A few things to keep in mind before our appointment...

    *Take a few minutes before we speak to relax your mind and body. This allows your energy to expand- strengthening your connection to your team of guides + loved ones in spirit. 

    Please have a paper + pencil available to write down any information:

    (a) you cannot place, as it often becomes clearer in the days following our session 

    (b) new tools or thoughtforms that will transform old patterns that you are now ready to release

    I ask that you trust this process, as it has been in the works long before you decided to book this session!

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