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Guidance on the Go

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 375 US dollars
  • Phone Meeting

Service Description

*You will have an initial 90-minute reading to determine what your team feels will allow you the most growth at this time and then 120 minutes to be used how you wish after our reading. over the course of three months to reach out when you need me. If you just had an experience that left you feeling disempowered, we will figure out together how you can understand the energy behind that exchange so you can choose to do it differently the next time. Because there is always going to be a next time. These are the sandpaper moments that soften your resistance to the life you want to lead. When my clients are developing their intuition or wanting to work with the guidance received from their spirit team during our reading, they often have situations arise that trip them up. It’s actually a chance to practice the new energy as they are expanding their awareness and attempting to hold the new vibration. It can be confusing as they are prepared to try something new, only to feel like they are failing at the new thoughtform miserably. After our initial reading, you can reach out when situations arise. I will get back to you with a time that day to discuss a) what transpired and b) help you to see the situation from a larger perspective. Instead of having to wait and remember for a few weeks until a later scheduled time, you get immediate feedback. The exchanges will take place on the phone so neither of us have to be tied to a location. I’m an early riser, so late night situations will have to wait until the next day, but I will make your situation a priority. This is not counseling: This is an opportunity in the moment to understand the energy that is trying to transform to help give you your power back. I am not going tell you what to do, as this is your life, and you are the captain of your ship. But I can help you to understand how you are responding to an energetic pattern that no longer serves you. *These sessions will follow a spirit reading in order to set our agenda and require a three-month commitment so we can track your progress + move you into a place being able to integrate the new energy. * This plan allows you to use your 120 minutes following the reading the way you choose over a three month period. *Pay in full (vs. the payment plan) for a $15 discount.

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